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Dynatrace Partner Café - AWS Lambda

In this episode of Dynatrace’s Partner Café, the Dynatrace solution for AWS Lambda is presented along with a short demo. Since its introduction by AWS in 2014, AWS Lambda has revolutionized the compute space and boosted the entire serverless movement. With the enhanced AWS Lambda extension, we bring the power of Dynatrace PurePath 4 automatic tracing technology to serverless function observability. This gives you seamless end-to-end distributed tracing for AWS Lambda functions without touching any code through auto-instrumentation, thereby helping you to better understand potential issues that may impact your end users’ experience. The Dynatrace AWS Lambda extension, with all its advanced capabilities, is just a first step—we have lots of great functionality in the pipeline including:

  • Ingestion of AWS Lambda logs
  • Support for additional languages
  • Support for container images deployed on AWS Lambda

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