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Dynatrace Partner Café - Atlassian

In this episode of Dynatrace’s Partner Café, how you can automate service delivery with Atlassian and Dynatrace is presented along with a short demo of the integrations with Bitbucket and Jira Software. Together, Atlassian & Dynatrace offer a unique set of capabilities that empower DevOps, Cloud & ITSM teams to deliver high-quality software, faster. 

  • End-to-end visibility for automatic tracing of services, applications, topology, and dependencies – all with code-level insights.
  • Enhanced data with context for service desk agents and other users across services and operations teams.
  • Reduce noise and increase efficiency by proactively identifying service issues with incident response, root cause service, and business impact data.

To learn more about Dynatrace Solution Page for Atlassian visit

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