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Get To Know Dynatrace: Kubernetes

Think you know Dynatrace? Think again. Dynatrace is a monitoring solution unlike any other. We’ll prove it.


Brian Wilso
Director, Solutions Engineers, Dynatrace

Alex Brewers
Solutions Engineer, Dynatrace

Kevin Wang
Lead Solutions Engineer, Dynatrace


Get To Know Dynatrace: Kubernetes

Join our demo and in just 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to innovate faster with the full potential of Kubernetes and Dynatrace’s advanced observability and intelligent automation. We’ll also cover the best ways to manage the health and performance of containerized applications and multi-cloud infrastructure with metrics, traces, and logs – all in one place.

Plus how our AI engine, Davis, goes beyond just “data on glass”, providing precise causation and root cause determination in context. And most importantly, how to get started in just two minutes.