Scalable performance monitoring from startup to multi-billion dollar company

Monitoring with Dynatrace shows you the most important performance metrics for each service in a single location

Dynatrace scales with your company!

No matter if you’re launching a small web project or you’re responsible for the production environment of a global, multi-billion dollar company: if you’re responsible for your customers’ satisfaction with your application performance, Dynatrace is the right tool for you.

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Gain immediate insights into database health See which services access your database Identify critical queries

Monitor thousands of machines!

Dynatrace was built with the world’s largest applications in mind and scales to any size. Modern application environments run thousands of containers, with physical and virtual infrastructure distributed across datacenters around the globe. Managing a monitoring solution used to be nearly impossible at this scale.

Dynatrace doesn’t break at scale or require you to trade visibility for additional scalability. Smartscape view even enables you to visually explore and manage global multi-datacenter environments.

Gain a detailed real-time overview of your environment

Save your money!

Dynatrace flexible pricing offers the most affordable pricing model for a range of use cases. With our pay-as-you-go philosophy, you only pay for what you use.

And there’s no charge for your first 1,000 hours of monitoring. To offer the best solution at the best price for customers of all sizes, we even offer monitoring packages tailored specifically for startups and high-traffic sites.

Dynatrace SaaS requries no additional infrastructure investment to get started. If your organization‘s policies or regulations make SaaS solutions impractical, please consider Dynatrace Managed, combining all conveniences of our SaaS offering with data storage on-premises.

1000 hours for free

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