Open Standards

Open Standards

Extend open observability frameworks and scale on an enterprise level with AI, analytics, and automation.

Wide support for open
observability standards

Our AI engine, Davis, intelligently analyzes and contextualizes all data sources to deliver automated root cause analysis. So, you can leverage open-source investments and get instant answers that simplify even the most complex environments – all from a single centralized platform that dynamically scales with you.

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A platform that puts blind
spots in the rearview

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating. Our platform automatically ingests data from the broadest range of observability frameworks to deliver continuous automation and AI-powered answers.

A contributor to the open-
source community

We’re committed to contributing to the open-source software community and support over 30 open source projects. We're also founders and contributors to multiple open-source offerings and standards including:

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    Dynatrace founded this open-source project to provide an enterprise-grade control plane for cloud-native continuous delivery and automated operations. The project was handed over to CNCF and is now an incubating project.

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  • W3c 64

    W3C Trace Context

    Dynatrace was a founding member of this standard. W3C Trace Context provides a universal format for trace data that has been adopted by both open-source and closed source monitoring and observability tools.

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    Dynatrace is a top contributor to this open-source observability framework, and our software intelligence platform fully supports metric, trace and log data generated by OpenTelemetry.

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    Dynatrace was one of the founders of the OpenFeature project which is a CNCF sandbox project. OpenFeature provides a standardized interface for feature flagging, ultimately improving the software development lifecycle.

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