Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference, ORLANDO – October 15, 2015 — The Digital Performance software company Dynatrace today announced the launch of Dynatrace Managed. This new managed service is designed specifically for organizations that cannot deploy cloud solutions because they need to keep data on-premises. Dynatrace Managed is a unique artificial intelligence-based full-stack digital performance monitoring offering, which combines website availability and performance monitoring, application performance management (APM), physical and virtual server monitoring, cloud metrics and cloud monitoring to help organizations reach ideal performance levels and resolve problems quickly. Read our blog post on this, here.

This solution automatically deploys in minutes on-site, so you can get up and running lightning-fast and worry-free. And, it is managed with the same ease as a SaaS-based approach. It delivers the best of both worlds to companies that aren’t permitted to hold data in a cloud-based environment. Dynatrace has overcome the challenge of delivering a solution with the superior ease of SaaS while meeting regulatory requirements to keep data on-premises.

“There has never been an on-premises APM solution as easy to deploy and as technologically advanced as this,” said Dynatrace Founder and CTO Bernd Greifeneder. “For firms in industries like healthcare, banking, insurance and finance which have stringent regulatory requirements in place requiring all data to be held on-premises, this offering gives them easy, lightning-fast installation and ongoing scalability that no other solution can provide.”

Dynatrace’s innovation has transformed the world of self-service APM, where out-of-the-box automatic installation empowers users to begin gathering vital insights on their applications’ performance in under five minutes. All batteries are included! The solution is managed by Dynatrace Mission Control and its team of experts, who are relentlessly dedicated to ensuring your application performance is second-to-none.

For companies in every industry, the ability to leverage this advanced, artificial intelligence based digital performance solution is a tremendous asset. Highlights of Dynatrace Managed include:

  • Full Dynatrace SaaS feature set while meeting company regulations or policies to keep data on-premises.
  • Customers get started in just minutes and can immediately access customizable dashboards to drill into their applications’ vital health metrics – without having any of their data in the cloud.
  • Managed securely by Dynatrace Mission Control for lowest TCO.
  • Scales to millions of monitored entities by simply adding nodes dynamically.
  • Multi-tenancy for providing private SaaS digital performance monitoring services on-premises.
  • Take advantage of included enterprise support.

In addition, since no software can ever fully replace human expertise, Dynatrace works hand-in-hand with colleagues from Dynatrace to offer expert services on the trickiest application performance problems, so you’ll never (ever) be in over your head.

For companies that just can’t put data in the cloud, it doesn’t get any better than Dynatrace Managed.