Boston, MA — July 8, 2015 — Digital Performance Software Company Dynatrace, today announced the new release of Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management which brings businesses a new level of visibility and insights into their customers’ digital experience. The intuitive new customer experience cockpit opens the door to a new era in the management of mobile and web channels, by enabling business owners and IT professionals to gain clear, unified and actionable intelligence, in real-time, about their customers and the performance of the apps they are interacting with. Digital business owners, development and IT operations can now collaborate on a shared, real-time perspective focused squarely on the end-user experience.

Dynatrace’s new digital performance platform, the first of its kind in the application performance management (APM) industry, gives digital business owners the first graphical, real-time view of their users’ satisfaction—not just binary pass/fail metrics or page views. Through intuitive, visual tiles that analyze individual and aggregate data about customer journeys, line-of-business owners can understand users’ actions across channels, device and connection types and the experience delivered. This easy-to-consume, holistic view into individual end-to-end experience empowers business stakeholders to detect and respond quickly to the changing demands of their users. Application performance and customer experience are inseparable in the digital economy. Managing them cohesively from the end user’s point of view is crucial to survival and success. Businesses can now understand every customer experience across all digital channels in real-time.

“Dynatrace has become a valuable resource for Natura’s business operations teams. Not only does the newest release of Dynatrace provide proactive performance monitoring and deep insights across our infrastructure and applications, it also helps us prioritize and focus on issues that are most important to the success of our business,” said Agenor Leão, VP of Natura Digital Technology. “Through Dynatrace monitoring dashboards, we continually evaluate user satisfaction to make sure our customers are having great experiences from wherever they are and whatever devices they are using. And because we see every transaction in real-time, we are also able to engage with our customers immediately to address problems, build loyalty and continually improve services.”

“Success in today’s digital economy requires a deep and evolving understanding of your customers through actionable insights and next-generation platforms. Dynatrace’s customer experience cockpit is a real breakthrough in helping deliver the next level of customer engagement,” said Jon Anhold, Associate Partner of Technology at Rosetta. “Regardless of industry, the ability to understand deep user experience insights to better engage your customers will accelerate business success and transformation.”

Dynatrace continues to expand the boundaries of APM with this release. The company has made its commitment to digital performance even stronger through the enterprise visibility, collaboration and powerful analytics that this release delivers.

**Major innovations in this release include: **

  • Customer experience cockpit – one click collaboration: The first of its kind, enabling business teams to precisely understand the experience they deliver to every customer across multiple channels. Users can track specific site visits, package technical details and context together and send to IT with one click, so operations and development responses are informed by real-time actionable performance data and real-user experience insight. Built for extreme flexibility and ease-of-use, the cockpit can be accessed anywhere—from touch-enabled devices to full-blown customer experience centers.
  • Stronger, faster fact-based insights and use-case analytics: Dynatrace’s big data analytics engine now streamlines data analysis for every user. With pre-built common use cases, it pulls relevant information from millions of transactions in real-time to enable multi-dimensional analytics to quickly identify patterns, predict problems and make informed decisions.
  • See what matters to you — fast: New UEM world and regional map views give line-of-business and IT leaders an at-a-glance view of their global users’ experience. Support people can drill down to the individual visit level with a single search term to see the contextual data around issues to resolve them quickly and efficiently.

“Dynatrace has always helped organizations improve customer experiences. But in today’s digital economy, focusing on end-user experience is more crucial than ever. Today, businesses must be digital-first and user-centric. We believe if you’re not focusing on the first, you can’t be successful with the second and all of it depends on your applications,” said Steve Tack, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Dynatrace. “Because of this, we have delivered the first platform that truly measures and manages digital end-user experience and translates it into actionable information for each role in the value delivery chain. Whether you’re line of business, development, or operations—we help you deliver superior business results. Executives can now use real-time digital intelligence to launch new initiatives with confidence, reduce all operational complexity and get to market before their competition.”

Other new capabilities in Dynatrace 6.2 include:

  • Continuous Delivery: New test overview and test results dashlets enable DevOps teams to track, compare and identify performance problems build per build, creating total confidence in the quality of apps before handing off to production.
  • New Global Resource View of Application Infrastructure: Enables infrastructure teams managing enterprise, virtual, hybrid and cloud-based systems to organize and monitor all of their infrastructure metrics in one unified dashboard.
  • New and Enhanced Agents: for MongoDB, Node.js, IBM WebSphere Liberty Profile, IIB9, TIBCO Rendez-vous, RabbitMQ, Hybris and more.

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Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management shatter the last remaining barriers between business and IT. This new release epitomizes Dynatrace’s continual technology innovation and commitment to advancing superior digital experiences for end-users. Easy to access and install-free, the release runs on any browser, anywhere, any time. All this and more make it a must-have across all stakeholder teams, especially business users – putting peak digital performance within reach for all. This release offers a seamless upgrade for existing customers.

View the complete release notes here.