IP Australia achieves 24/7 availability of digital services with Dynatrace

"The auto discovery saves us a lot of time and having to configure the system manually."

Adrian Jacobs - Senior Director of Business Engagement & Systems, IP Australia


IP Australia has transitioned from a previously 100 percent paper-based approach to a 99% digital system that enables individuals and businesses to apply for intellectual property rights online. This service handles approximately 800,000 transactions each year from customers around the world, which puts pressure on IP Australia to ensure its applications are available 24/7. However, the complexity of its multicloud environment, built on AWS and Azure, made it difficult to maintain the observability its teams needed to prevent problems before customers are impacted.

"Dynatrace gave us a lot of confidence in how we can monitor other applications across our customer facing systems, as well as our production backend systems, to give us more confidence we can keep systems available for a high percentage of the time."

Adrian Jacobs - Senior Director of Business Engagement & Systems, IP Australia

Why Dynatrace

  • Automatic, instant value – Dynatrace’s auto discovery and instrumentation capabilities enable IP Australia to maintain continuous observability across its multicloud environment, with minimal effort. This removes the need for manual configuration, freeing up its IT team to focus on other more value-adding tasks like fine-tuning its applications, using the precise answers from Dynatrace’s AI engine.
  • Full-stack context – Dynatrace’s all-in-one approach and unified data model enables IP Australia to monitor the multiple applications within its multicloud environment from a single platform. This provides a single source of truth and gives its teams more context and deeper insights into the ways its systems interact with each other, and how performance impacts user-experience.
  • Simplified complexity – Dynatrace’s Smartscape provides IP Australia with a visual map of its entire application topology, offering visibility into the interdependencies across its multicloud environment. This gives its teams precise insights into the way its systems are impacting performance in real-time, so they can maintain 24/7 service availability for customers.
"The Smartscape technology is really impressive because it shows us a visual diagram of everything it's monitoring, and that allows us to see how systems are interacting in real-time"

Adrian Jacobs - Senior Director of Business Engagement & Systems, IP Australia

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