BT calls on Dynatrace to optimize digital experiences and conversions

reduction in digital incidents
YoY reduction in outage times


Customer experience is everything in the consumer mobile market. As BT expanded its consumer division with the integration of EE, and the drive to develop new mobile services for customers took off in recent years, the BT Digital team were determined to make sure they had deep visibility into their always-changing IT environment. Being able to find and fix problems rapidly, and ensure the availability and stability of crucial EE services is paramount.

"Since deploying Dynatrace, we genuinely sleep easier at night – we have less callouts, because we’re on the front foot."

Chris Deane - Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Platform Services, BT Digital

Why Dynatrace

  • BT Digital reduced both outage times and digital incidents for the EE brand by 50% year-on-year, as a result of being able to pinpoint the root-cause of problems rapidly.
  • BT Digital is using Dynatrace insights to communicate the importance of IT performance on the EE brand’s bottom line. A one second impact on the customer can mean a 7% reduction in conversion rate. This level of visibility and precise information allows BT Digital teams to make more informed decisions together, cross functionally.
  • Within moments, Dynatrace was installed with zero configuration and manual intervention. The BT Digital team felt like they immediately had a thousand new data analysts on their team, able to see into new areas of the EE environment that they had never previously looked at. This has allowed them to not only ensure that performance is sound, but it allows the team to scale themselves and focus on being proactive, as well as “sleep easier at night”.
"When the system went live, it felt like we had a thousand log analysts helping us understand where to focus efforts to improve our services."

Chris Deane - Senior Engineering Manager, Cloud Platform Services, BT Digital

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