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Looking to scale

Basware is a leading procure-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions provider. Its cloud-based applications enable organizations to manage spend, mitigate financial risk, and reduce operational costs via automation. The company is experiencing rapid growth as demand for its solutions continues to rise. It therefore needs the ability to scale to onboard new customers quickly, process higher volumes of data, and deliver better user experiences.

To achieve this, Basware is refactoring its cloud-based solutions to microservices and serverless architectures, running on Amazon ECS, EKS, and Lambda. However, a fragmented monitoring toolset made it difficult to optimize customer experiences and accelerate innovation. Without a single source of truth, it was more difficult for IT teams to gain an end-to-end view of their environment, and they were often left with limited context and conflicting insights. This made it challenging for Basware to scale its solution effectively, to keep pace with its rapid growth.

Creating a single source of truth for cloud-based applications

Previously, Basware relied on multiple tools to monitor the different sources of metrics and logs being generated across its digital infrastructure. This created a fragmented view of its increasingly complex cloud-native environment, which made it difficult to achieve the observability needed to optimize its solutions effectively. Basware recognized it needed a new approach, and began to assess the market to see how it could improve its monitoring capabilities.

Basware selected Dynatrace as it offered a single source of truth, and its highly automated approach minimized manual effort and created rapid time-to-value. Basware was also impressed with how Davis, Dynatrace’s AI-engine, automatically analyzes billions of dependencies in its cloud-native environment, baselining performance, availability, and error rates to identify any deviations in real-time. With Dynatrace, Basware has an end-to-end view across its entire environment, enabling it to consolidate monitoring tools and improve collaboration between its teams, so they can deliver better solutions for its customers.

“We’ve been overjoyed with Dynatrace. It’s delivered everything we wanted and continues to impress. Dynatrace has helped us practice what we preach by using the best solutions available to enable us to provide best of breed solutions to our own customers. Dynatrace is by far and away the most capable solution when it comes to providing a single source of truth for our teams to work from. Dynatrace worked straight out of the box and delivered immediate value. We simply installed OneAgent and had instant access to deep insights and AI-powered answers. Every time I use Dynatrace, I find myself thinking that we could do so much more with it in the future.” Alistair Gilbert, Director of DevOps, Basware

"Dynatrace is by far the most capable solution when it comes to delivering a single source of truth for our teams to work from. Every time I use Dynatrace, I find myself thinking that we could do so much more with it in the future."

Alistair Gilbert - Director of DevOps, Basware

Life with Dynatrace

  • AI-powered prioritization – With Dynatrace, Basware can quickly identify and prioritize where refactoring software to cloud-native architectures will have the biggest impact on its ability to increase the scalability of its solutions and optimize user experience.
  • Reducing manual efforts – Dynatrace’s highly automated approach means Basware’s team can instantly and continuously discover and instrument its entire cloud-native environment with no manual configuration. This provided instant insights and rapid time-to-value, which Basware identified as a significant benefit.
  • Accelerated innovation – Dynatrace’s AI-powered insights support continuous delivery and innovation at Basware, enabling a significant improvement in the speed of test result analysis. As such, developers can constantly fine tune solutions during the early development cycles and roll-out higher quality new services at a faster pace.
  • Better user experiences – Since adopting Dynatrace, Basware has achieved a 12.5% reduction in defects released into production, as it is now able to proactively resolve issues during the early stages of development. When problems do occur in production, Dynatrace’s dependency mapping and precise root cause analysis capabilities enable Basware’s operations and support teams to understand the full context of the issue, resolve it much faster than before, so they can minimize the impact on user experience.

“With Dynatrace, we can roll-out new services in quick iterations, get fast feedback, and adjust our next sprints accordingly. Previously, when an issue arose in production, we’d think ‘wow, if only we’d noticed this in the design stage.’ Now, we can already see how a service will perform before release, so we can resolve anything that would impact user experience before it reaches our customers. In the future, we’re looking to harness Dynatrace’s integration with ServiceNow to reduce manual processes within our continuous delivery pipeline, so we can resolve customer-impacting issues even faster,” Alistair Gilbert, Director of DevOps, Basware

"With Dynatrace, we can roll-out new services in quick iterations, get fast feedback, and adjust our next sprints accordingly."

Alistair Gilbert - Director of DevOps, Basware

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