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Tech Transforms podcast: Cybersecurity Threat Landscape, Observability, DevOps, and Remote Work

On the Tech Transforms podcast, sponsored by Dynatrace, we talk to some of the most prominent influencers shaping critical government technology decisions. From multi-factor authentication to the hottest news surrounding remote work, this podcast explores the way technology advancement intersects with human needs.

In May 2022, the Tech Transforms podcast explored the cybersecurity threat landscape, observability, DevOps, and remote work through our conversations with the following top influencers in government technology:

  • Richard Ford – Chief Technology Officer at Praetorian.
  • Mike Maciag – Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace.
  • Bob Stevens – AVP Public Sector at GitLab.
  • Elizebeth Varghese – Global and Americas Leader, HR Transformation Client Offerings at IBM.

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Episode 33 – Threat Team Purple with Richard Ford

Richard Ford, Chief Technology Officer at Praetorian, joins Tech Transforms to discuss the cybersecurity threat landscape. “Red Team vs. Blue Team” is a common and effective threat protection practice, but what could cybersecurity experts gain from Team Purple? Listen in as Carolyn and Mark learn about the importance of managing your attack surface, implementing multi-factor authentication, and protecting against cyber phishing attacks.

Threat Team Purple with Richard Ford

Episode 34 – Observability Explained with Mike Maciag

Tech Transforms podcast Careful monitoring is of paramount importance for any successful operation. But what is observability, and how can it take your agency to the next level? The Tech Transforms team sits down with Mike Maciag, Chief Marketing Officer at Dynatrace, to discuss the power of observability. You’ll come away with valuable tips and tricks for improving cybersecurity posture with the most accurate technology.

Observability Explained with Mike Maciag

Episode 35 – The Speed of the Mission with Bob Stevens

Tech Transforms podcast It’s becoming imperative that DevOps combine efficiency, speed, and security. In this episode, Bob Stevens, AVP Public Sector at GitLab, joins Carolyn and Mark to emphasize empowering teams to fail fast and moving security to the left. With an additional deep dive into Platform 1, you will not want to miss this episode!

The Speed of the Mission with Bob Stevens

Episode 36 – So What? Tech Transforms Federal News Roundup with Elizebeth Varghese

Tech Transforms podcast Join us on Tech Transforms Federal News Roundup segment, “So What?” hosted by Carolyn Ford and Tracy Bannon. This week, we sit down with Elizebeth Varghese, Global and Americas Leader of HR Transformation Client Offerings at IBM, to chat about one of the biggest topics in federal news: remote work. Carolyn, Tracy, and Elizebeth discuss how agencies can implement smarter protocol, how remote work impacts the Trust Equation, and the role technology can play in the workforce culture.

So What? Tech Transforms Federal News Roundup with Elizebeth Varghese

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