Renaming Compuware APM to Dynatrace – What It Means to You

Most of you reading this blog have probably seen our recent announcements, Compuware going private from last week, and yesterday naming Compuware APM business unit Dynatrace.

Quite a few of you reached out to me with questions as to what it meant and what has/will change. So I thought I would address the majority of them here.

In short – nothing and everything is changing.


  • We’ve got the same team of passionate & experienced Sales folks, the smartest problem-solving Customer Services Organization, absolutely brilliant minds in R&D and the same industry-leading solutions and products across the board.
  • Our drive for innovation, making your lives easier and continuing to solve new performance problems and challenges also remains unchanged.
  • Our plans to continue to strengthen our technology alliance partners, IT solution resellers, system integrators, and managed service provider relationships aren’t changing.


  • Becoming a private company (pending transaction being completed) gives us greater agility, flexibility, and focus. Stay tuned here or join me at Perform (mentioned below) to learn how.
  • The Thoma Bravo execs are now fully behind us, joining forces with Compuware’s leadership to drive forward our product growth.
  • We’re accelerating the integration of the industry’s broadest APM insights and extending the perimeter and value of our solution through Gomez / APMaaS Synthetic Monitoring, Data Center RUM and Dynatrace Application Monitoring and User Experience Management.

I’m personally very excited for the future of Dynatrace and our industry. If you haven’t already registered for the Perform conference, I highly recommend you join me in attending. We’re prepped to reveal a number of clarifying new details in addition to the stellar product training and support we’ve offered in previous years.

If you’ve got questions not addressed here or from the press release, leave me a comment below.