Optimizing the mainframe to reduce MIPs and MSUs: A Partner perspective

Mainframe environments power 30 billion transactions a day and are used by 72 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 34 countries across the globe. Whilst moving applications from mainframe to a modern cloud stack provides better agility and competitive advantage, frequently the mainframe remains as the back-end workhorse to cloud native applications due to the costs and risks of migration. As a result, it becomes a challenge for enterprises to manage hybrid applications, where transactions flow across both cloud native and mainframe technology stacks.

Dynatrace helps overcome these challenges with our new Mainframe support – part of our software intelligence platform.

By providing end-to-end visibility and AI-Powered answers, Dynatrace gives customers precise information about the performance of digital services across their hybrid environments; from cloud applications to mainframe. Dynatrace automatically discovers, maps, and monitors every component of the full-stack; from the application, then underlying infrastructure and the end-to-end customer experience.

With customers as the core driver of our innovations, we innovated our mainframe capability to provide real-time visibility to eliminate inefficiencies and innovate at a faster rate.

More than a product

But it’s not just about the product. It’s also about the people and processes behind managing mainframe environments, and that’s where our Partners like CPT come in.

CPT has over 25 years of conducting mainframe and batch optimization, testing and business assurance service across the globe, and provides in-depth monitoring and analysis of transaction volumes, costs, and performance bottlenecks across the complete application and infrastructure landscape and has a deep specialization regarding IBM mainframe systems.

Working with Dynatrace, utilizing our cutting-edge software and tools to provide actionable intelligence and proactive data monitoring, the complementary nature of both Dynatrace and CPT products together enables CPT to provide an extremely robust value proposition to clients.

“Typically, enterprises strive to leverage such insights like those Dynatrace provides, but lack the skill, resources, and bandwidth to truly understand, develop and execute a plan end-to-end,” said Gerry Tuddenham, Mainframe Expert, CEO and MD of CPT Global. “Between the powerful new Dynatrace IBM CICS and IMS monitoring and CPT’s vast experience across different environments around the globe and deep expertise in turning insights into an actionable roadmap, we deliver clients the tools needed to uncover more significant insights and drive more cost savings and efficiencies on the mainframe than ever before.”

Benefitting the customer

The end-customer is undoubtedly at the heart of everything a business does – from product development, distribution, and servicing – so it goes without saying the introduction of our Dynatrace mainframe capability, and working with our likeminded Partners, will bring huge benefits to enterprise organizations who wish to improve the customer experiences they deliver.

A primary aim at Dynatrace is to make the customer’s life easy. With our mainframe capability we provide customers with precise information about the performance of digital services across hybrid environments. And, with our end-to-end hybrid visibility, customers can optimize new services, detect performance problems before they impact users, and understand exactly who and what has been impacted by an incident.

Therefore, enabling customers to confidently innovate applications that leverage data from mainframes to increase their revenue, and create competitive advantage.

In turn, CPT has seen their customers benefit from our capability and partnership – working with 70 of the Fortune 500, CPT has helped drive hundreds of millions of cost savings in peak time MIPS usage and increased efficiency and reliability. Additionally, in the European market alone, CPT typically finds savings across all environments of 15.7% and 8% in clients that have previously had their environments optimized.

“Whilst market leading product capability is the necessary foundation, it’s the complementary services offerings from our Partners, and their intrinsic customer knowledge, that truly enables enterprise organizations to generate significant returns on their cloud and hybrid computing transformation” Michael Allen, VP of Worldwide Partners said. “Our partnership with CPT demonstrates this, as CPT brings a business focus to the capacity planning of critical infrastructure, and Dynatrace gives insights into the end to end customer experience from digital channels through to mainframe.”

Want to learn more about how CPT and how they’re working with Dynatrace? Visit their booth in our Marketplace at Perform Summit Barcelona.

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