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OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes v1.143



  • Support now available for Docker containers running Alpine Linux (musl-libc).


  • Added support for ASP.NET Core 2.1 and .NET Core 2.1


  • OneAgent now correctly detects Cloud Foundry Gorouter processes.

General improvements and fixes

  • Based on popular demand, we’ve published a Technology support & interoperability matrix in Dynatrace Help. This new page displays version numbers and interoperability detail related to the technologies and platforms that are supported by Dynatrace.
  • Support for Alpine Linux (musl-libc) is available only for container environments.
  • Improved OneAgent integration for OpenShift Online and Kubernetes application containers.
  • Network connections for containers that are configured to use container network mode are now reported as well. Containers running in this network mode utilize the network setup of other configured containers for their own network setup and communications. To enable monitoring of a container, the network mode used by the running container must be supported by OneAgent. For full details, see Docker monitoring limitations and supported network modes.
  • OneAgent now correctly detects, groups, and monitors processes that belong to IBM Integration Bus (IIB).
  • OneAgent now correctly detects edb-postmaster as a Postgres process.
  • Added support for Docker 17.x for OneAgent monitoring as well as deployment via Docker containers. For full details of Dynatrace Docker support, see the technology support page.
  • AIX support features a new High memory event type, which is based on memory consumption and number of hard page faults (analogous to high memory events on Linux). Read more about our recent AIX full-stack OneAgent release.
  • Resolved a number of bugs and implemented smaller corrections related to:
    • The installation process, specifically focusing on assessment of required disk space, failing installation on Windows 2008, the resiliency of the OneAgent update process on Windows, and more.
    • Data collection, specifically focusing on network-metric collection and topology detection.

Security Gateway

  • During this release, the Security Gateway team focused primarily on completing development related to the upcoming public betas for monitoring Azure and OpenStack, as well as the Security Gateway own auto-update mechanism. These features are not available yet, but we wanted you to know that we are working on them. For more details, stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

Real User Monitoring (JavaScript)

  • Deprecated JavaScript API for custom user actions: windows.ruxitApi
    The windows.ruxitApi API will be removed with the release of OneAgent v1.147. If you are using the window.ruxitApi API,  please change your code to use window.dtrum instead.