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OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes v1.137


Critical update for customers using OneAgent in IIS environments

A critical security fix has been made available in the recent OneAgent updates 1.133.156+, 1.135.180+, and 1.137+. The fix addresses an issue where specifically crafted input can be passed through OneAgent to an API of IIS without the input data being correctly validated.

The immediate installation of this update is highly recommended on all systems running an IIS web server. To obtain further details, please contact Dynatrace Support.


  • Java version is properly detected with IBM JDKs 1.4 and 1.5
  • Support for JBoss remoting on Wildfly 11
  • Support for Tibco BusinessWorks 5.10-5.13


  • Added support for Oracle Managed Client library
  • Added support for HTTP self-hosted applications
  • Startup performance improvements



  • OneAgent can now instrument most modern nginx binaries (since nginx version 1.11.5) without requiring that debug information be available.

General improvements and fixes

  • Support for OneAgent environment scripts for Java and nginx is scheduled to end with OneAgent v1.139. These scripts are superseded by the generic dynatrace-agent64.sh script.
  • Using the new process environment variable DT_CUSTOM_PROP, it’s now possible to specify the Process Group Instance (PGI) custom property for any monitored process. See further details
  • Disc I/O metrics are now available when analyzing process details for data collected on Linux and Windows hosts.
  • Hybris and TibcoEMS processes are now identified, grouped, and labeled.
  • Special snap packaging mount points in Ubuntu are no longer monitored for disk metrics. The snap-packaging mount points in Ubuntu were reported as disk-full, while in fact Ubuntu mounts these package areas as read-only, similar to CD-ROMs.
  • OneAgent now detects PaaS type OpenShift (instead of reporting Kubernetes).
  • OneAgent version and technology are now also available under Process Group Instance (PGI) properties.

Security Gateway

  • Improved Help output when the Security Gateway installer on Linux is invoked with the -h option.