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OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes v1.135



  • Support for Oracle WebLogic T3 remoting
  • Support for web services on Oracle Service Bus
  • Improved support for Spring application ID detection
  • IBM WebSphere 9


  • General availability of .NET Core 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 on Windows and Linux


  • Support for versions 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 ends with Dynatrace version 137. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.



  • Beta support for PowerPC Little Endian architecture for OneAgent running RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu, and SUSE (Open, as well as EL) operating systems.


  • Requests/second and Hit ratio are now included in the process infographic
  • Chart added for response size
  • Support now available for Varnish 4.1.9

General improvements and fixes

  • Automatic security configuration for Docker Windows containers (currently in EAP) for all hosts where a Docker service is discovered on Windows (even if Windows container support EAP has not been enabled), dtuser is added to the ACL of \\.\pipe\docker_engine with GENERIC_ALL rights.
  • Increased reliability of collecting disk metrics from diskperf
  • Support for Alpine Linux (musl libc) for Java, Apache HTTP server, Nginx and Node.js
  • Improved OneAgent error handling via the skiperrors option is now also available for Cloud Foundry’s Java, Staticfile, and PHP buildpacks. With release v4.8 of the Java buildpack, release v1.4.21 of the Staticfile buildpack, and release v4.3.47 of the PHP buildpack the skiperrors option and further improvements are now available.

Security Gateway

  • Memory management fixes and improvements
  • Following upgrade to Security Gateway v1.135, a new custom.config file is created and the most important configuration settings are migrated to it from the existing config.properties file. If you have modified config.properties previously, make sure that all your settings have been migrated to the new file. The new file (custom.config) is persistent through upgrades and all user custom settings should go into it from now on. See further details.