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OneAgent for Linux PowerPC Little Endian (PPCLE) architecture goes GA

Dynatrace is proud to announce the general availability of OneAgent full-stack monitoring for Linux PowerPC Little Endian (PPCLE) architecture. This version of OneAgent was first made available as a public beta release in January 2018.

OneAgent is now fully supported to run on several PPCLE Linux distributions, namely RedHat/CentOS, Ubuntu, and SUSE (Open, as well as EL) operating systems. OneAgent for PPCLE is available as a GA release as of OneAgent v1.145.

Differences to OneAgent for Linux x86 / x64

The details of OneAgent for Linux PPCLE were explained in an earlier blog post. In short, OneAgent for Linux PPCLE is fully capable of monitoring your operating system, including CPU, memory, disk utilization, and network. It also detects and names the processes running on hosts and measures them accordingly. It can also analyze log files and comes with a plugin system that is equal in capabilities to the plugin system provided with Linux. For processes running in Java, NodeJS, or Apache, OneAgent for Linux PPCLE provides automatic deep-code monitoring module injection. OneAgent for Linux PPCLE can be deployed in a traditional way or in non-root mode, which we recently declared as a public beta. You can read about non-root deployment mode in an earlier blog post.

The main differences compared to OneAgent for Linux are in the availability of some additional deep code monitoring modules. Specifically, the modules for .NET Core, Nginx, Varnish Cache, and PHP are not available at this time. We’re open to your feedback and comments. We’ll build additional modules based your input.

If you have comments for us, please contact your Dynatrace sales representatives or guardians. Or share your thoughts in the Dynatrace Community Open Q&A forum.