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Improve team awareness: Integrate Atlassian Trello & Dynatrace

Atlassian Trello is a great tool for visually planning and organizing team tasks. Atlassian Trello also promotes team awareness of open issues and incidents. With our latest release, Dynatrace now supports Trello teams by automating the push of auto-detected problems directly to your Trello boards.

Atlassian Trello allows your teams to organize their tasks using boards, lists, and cards. Each board represents a logical grouping of related lists that are associated with a specific project or team. Lists are used to visually organize backlogs and plan tasks, which are entered in the form of Trello cards.

Visual planning of task assignments and review of task backlogs is a fundamental principle of most agile development process models, including Kanban and Scrum. Atlassian Trello provides a great visual framework that enables your teams to create their own custom agile planning boards.

Dynatrace Trello integration

Dynatrace now offers a direct Trello integration that automatically pushes detected problems to your Trello lists. Each Dynatrace problem provides detailed end-user impact and root-cause information. These details are displayed on each Trello card, as shown below.

Visual organization of tasks in Trello lists also includes resolving tasks and then either archiving the tasks or pulling them into a list of resolved tasks.

The Dynatrace Trello integration supports both approaches. You specify which list your resolved Trello cards should be transferred to. Otherwise, Dynatrace automatically resolves and archives your problem cards for you within the same list. See the example below to see how Dynatrace automatically assigns open problem cards to an Open incidents list and moves resolved problem cards to a second archive list called Resolved incidents.

Set up Dynatrace Trello integration

Visual planning with Trello boards is a great way of providing your team with awareness and transparency. They can show you the live state of your infrastructure by automatically creating and updating incident cards. Such automated integration saves a lot of time and manual effort.

Showing incident cards directly on your team’s Trello planning board also provides you with critical root-cause information, right at a point you need this information to make quick, informed decisions.

To enable push of Dynatrace-detected problems to your Trello board

  1. Navigate to Dynatrace > Settings > Integration > Problem notifications.
  2. Click the Set up notifications button.
  3. Click the Trello tile.
  4. Complete the steps outlined on the Set up Trello integration page.