IBM iSeries (AS/400) ActiveGate extension now available (Preview)

Though the IBM iSeries (formerly known as AS/400) platform isn’t supported by OneAgent, it remains a vital component for many large enterprises. Dynatrace is pleased to announce the the Preview of remote monitoring of iSeries hosts via the IBM iSeries ActiveGate extension. This extension is built upon the ActiveGate framework.


  • IBM iSeries 7.2+ host(s)
  • ActiveGate version 1.155+
  • IBM iAccess installed on the ActiveGate

What you get

The iSeries extension queries your hosts every minute and retrieves key performance metrics, properties, and events. The ingested data provides Dynatrace with real-time visibility into host performance through automatically generated visualization tools, dashboards, infographics, and reports. When combined with OneAgent monitoring, you gain the ability to understand how iSeries interacts with the other components in your stack.

Technology overview for IBM iSeries

iSeries server details

Coming soon

Through the course of the Preview, we expect to gain further insight into iSeries host performance by ingesting additional metrics, events, and properties. Also, in an upcoming release, Davis (our AI-driven causation engine) will leverage these metrics when performing root cause analysis of detected problems. This will allow Davis to either identify or eliminate iSeries hosts as a problem source.

Deployment and support

The IBM iSeries ActiveGate extension is easy to deploy and is developed, maintained, and fully-supported by Dynatrace.

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