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A Year Benchmarking Retail Website Performance with 7 Best Practice Resources

Digital Benchmarks

I’ve been tracking the global retail websites for the past year, and recently I presented the findings in a webinar on what data trends emerged. Put simply websites are slower, heavier, and more complex than ever before.

But does speed still matter?

You can find the recording right here.

Key outtakes from a year benchmarking ecommerce/retail website performance

  1. Our attention span is now 8 seconds. Almost the same as a gold fish.
  2. Global Response times have slowed from 4.2 to 4.5 seconds. Given users expect a site to load within 3 seconds, we are moving in the wrong direction.
  3. Response times impact revenue and I shared how Amazon, Walmart and others track response time on revenue.

Here are the slides from the webinar (you can also download with speaking notes).

If you want to be the best, compare yourself to the best

Retail benchmarks Top 40 comparisons

  1. Response times of 2.2 seconds vs the average of 4.5 seconds
  2. 13 Hosts vs the average of 32
  3. 74 objects vs an average of 144
  4. 1.4MB page size vs 2MB.
  1. Monitoring the Website Performance in China

I’d love to get you started on the journey to rockstar website performance.

  1. Please request a demo here: Request demo
  2. If you have access to the server or can add in Javascript in the header of your site give real user monitoring a go. Free trial