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Enhanced Azure service insights now available

September 10, 2018: For the latest updates to this topic, see How do I configure Azure monitor? in Dynatrace Help. 

We’re happy to announce the release of the beta version of our Azure overview page. While Dynatrace has long featured broad support for Azure Compute Services and an intuitive, native integration using the Dynatrace VM-Extension or Site Extension for App Services, the new Azure overview page complements application and infrastructure data detected by OneAgent with additional metrics pulled from Azure Monitor and metadata from Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

With these new capabilities, you gain enhanced visibility into your Azure environment, particularly fully managed platform services (PaaS) where you can’t deploy OneAgent directly on hosts.

The following Services are included:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale-Sets
  • App Services (Web Apps, API Apps and Mobile Apps)
  • Azure SQL
  • Redis Cache
  • API Management Service
  • Load-Balancer
  • Storage
  • Service Bus


Limitations / Known issues

  • To monitor multiple subscriptions, it’s required that you add multiple configurations
  • VMs detected via ARM currently aren’t automatically associated with VMs monitored by OneAgent
  • No metrics are currently available for Service Bus and Azure SQL

Connect Dynatrace to your Azure environment

September 10, 2018: For the latest details on setting up a connection between your Azure environment and Dynatrace, see How do I configure Azure monitor? in Dynatrace Help. 

What’s Next?

The team is already working hard on themes for upcoming releases, including

  • More services and metrics
    • Service Bus Metrics
    • Storage Metrics
    • App Gateway
    • EventHub
    • CosmosDB
    • IoT Hub
    • Functions
  • Metrics available for use on custom dashboards
  • Automatic discovery for multiple subscriptions associated with a single service principal
  • Enhanced support for metadata, like tags and resource-groups including filtering capabilities.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who worked to bring this feature to life. Special thanks also to @DonovanBrown, from whom I shamelessly copied the instructions for creating a service principal.

Please provide your feedback and ideas for improving this new feature in the Dynatrace Community forum.