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Easily authenticate your Dynatrace mobile app users with SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) gives your employees the ability to log in just once with a set of credentials that enable them to access all corporate applications, websites, and data for which they have permission. In this way, SSO solves key problems for enterprises by providing greater security, compliance, as well as improved usability and employee satisfaction.

Some time ago, Dynatrace introduced SSO support through SAML federation for SaaS environments—read the details about SSO for Dynatrace in the blog post Manage access and permissions for Dynatrace SaaS users via SAML federation.

We’ve now added SSO support for our Dynatrace iOS and Android mobile notification app.

Simple and fast authentication for your mobile app users

You can now use your own identity provider to log into the Dynatrace mobile notification app and view Davis®-detected incidents.

There’s no additional configuration necessary; the Dynatrace mobile app offers the federated login page transparently and automatically redirects users to your SSO login page. This login page is automatically opened in your mobile device’s standard browser, as shown below:

You can log into your Dynatrace mobile app using your company’s identity provider with no hassle. Also, if your company’s identity provider uses multi-factor authentication, you now have a more secure means of authenticating your mobile app users.

If you run into issues or have any questions, see our Frequently asked questions (FAQs).