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Dynatrace announces support of Google Cloud’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL metrics ingest

Today, Dynatrace is announcing that it has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB designation in support of an extended integration to Google Cloud’s AlloyDB for PostgreSQL. AlloyDB is a fully managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service for highly demanding enterprise database workloads.

Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB is a new designation for the solutions of Google Cloud’s technology partners that integrate with AlloyDB. With this Google Cloud Ready integration, Dynatrace ensures that AlloyDB for PostgreSQL users can now ingest metrics along with existing Google Cloud data. This capability allows users to gain more real-time insight into their Google Cloud infrastructure with AI-powered context to automate business and cloud operations decisions. This Google Cloud-acknowledged integration accompanies Dynatrace being validated as part of the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery initiative.

“Recognizing Dynatrace as Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB validates their support for and integrations with AlloyDB” said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships at Google Cloud. “Through our partnership, customers can utilize Dynatrace alongside AlloyDB to gain more visibility and insights into data stored across databases and locations, including in AlloyDB.”

How customers use AlloyDB for PostgreSQL

As more enterprise organizations embrace cloud-native service adoption and accelerate their application modernization initiatives, the scalability of services becomes even more critical to deliver flawless and secure digital experiences.

Frequently, teams begin initial modernization efforts by running their own Postgres services. However, when this phase-one solution fails to scale with their needs as a phase-two effort, organizations shift to using Google Cloud’s CloudSQL managed Postgres. This alleviates management issues for customers, as management is now supported by Google Cloud.

Even at the most complex enterprise scale, AlloyDB for PostgreSQL delivers superior performance, four times faster than standard PostgreSQL for transactional workloads, and up to 100 times faster analytical queries than standard PostgreSQL.

How Dynatrace helps

As Dynatrace ingests metrics from Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL into the software intelligence platform, customers now see these database metrics in real time from a full-stack and contextual perspective, quickly visualizing them in relation to traces and logs to deliver powerful analytics and root-cause analysis. Google Cloud organizations leveraging Dynatrace can now see calls to the database in the context of end-user digital experiences and the related impacted services to ensure that services are performing and efficient in their cloud-native environments.

Modern Cloud done right

As application teams select AlloyDB for PostgreSQL for their Google Cloud applications, they can be confident that Dynatrace delivers the answers and intelligent automation needed across their full stack to enable flawless and secure interactions even during peak times.

Out of the box, Dynatrace also works with Google Cloud’s Cloud Run, BigQuery, Compute Engine, and dozens of other native Google Cloud services and offerings.

To learn more about Dynatrace and to start your free trial, visit the Dynatrace website. To learn more about Dynatrace’s expertise with AlloyDB, visit the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Hub.