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Dynatrace proactively keeps you informed of service incidents and outage resolutions

Dynatrace announces all service-related incidents that occur within our infrastructure on our service status page. To be notified of such incidents automatically, you can subscribe to outage notifications via email. But how can you know when an incident has been resolved? It’s not practical to manually refresh the service status page every few minutes. For this reason, Dynatrace can now send you an email whenever an incident relevant to your environment has been resolved. So you’ll always know when your monitoring services have been restored. If you’ve already subscribed to outage notification emails in your user profile, there’s nothing further you need to do to receive service-restoration notifications.

Each outage resolution email contains a link to the status page where you can find the details of the resolved outage.

Outage resolution email

Receiving outage resolution emails makes your life easier because you always know immediately when our infrastructure is back to normal and you can continue monitoring your environment with Dynatrace.