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Dynatrace Managed feature update – Version 104

Dynatrace Managed customers only

Following the release of Dynatrace Managed version 104, here’s a quick update of the new features and improvements we’ve introduced.

Resend Community invitations to your users

By default, new users logging into Dynatrace Managed for the first time receive emailed invitations to join the Dynatrace Community. Users are encouraged to click a link in the email and set up their Community account. For those instances where emailed invitations are lost or for whatever reason a user’s Community account is never created, Dynatrace Managed now provides the option of resending Community invitation emails directly from each User account details page (see below). Also, note that Community accounts are now created even if a user’s first and/or last name isn’t provided during setup.


Security improvements for Dynatrace Managed cluster processes

To ensure that Dynatrace Managed remains easy to install and upgrade ,while simultaneously increasing our security standards, we’ve introduced a new process that manages the privileges of all other Dynatrace Managed processes within each cluster node. This is especially relevant for environments that are hardened with a privilege management tool, such as PowerBroker. Going forward, the only process that requires root privileges is dtrun. So you’ll no longer have to update your privilege-management configurations each time Dynatrace Managed releases a new version.