Docker container monitoring now generally available!

While Docker container monitoring has been in beta for a while now, beginning with OneAgent v1.99, Docker container monitoring is now generally available to all customers.

With Docker container support, you can:

  • View a summary of the most relevant Docker metrics, such as the number of running containers, the top 3 containers based on memory consumption, and the most frequently used images.
  • Gain a deep understanding of container resource usage.
  • Track image versions.
  • Explore performance of Dockerized services.

Docker main screen

For more details on Docker container monitoring, please refer to the earlier blog post, Beta availability of Docker container monitoring.

Docker container monitoring setup

New customers: Docker container monitoring is automatically enabled for new environments. No setup required.

To activate Docker container monitoring globally

  1. Make sure that Dynatrace OneAgent v1.99 or higher is installed on your Docker hosts.
  2. Go to Settings > Monitored Technologies.
  3. Enable the Docker containers switch.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, also enable the Extensions manager switch and the Docker switch further down the list.

To activate Docker container monitoring for individual hosts

  1. Make sure that Dynatrace OneAgent v1.99 or higher is installed on your Docker hosts.
  2. Open the left-hand navigation menu and select Hosts.
  3. Select a Docker-enabled host.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Enable the Docker containers switch.

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