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DIY Events API

Please do try this at home!

In case you watched the recent Dynatrace Coffee Break about the Events API and you are tempted to follow along, well, feel free to follow along:

  1. Get a REST client, I have used Postman
  2. Create yourself an API token
  3. Get the Postman Collection and import it in Postman
  4. Set your tenant (see screenshot below)
  5. Set your token you created in step 2 (see screenshot below)
  6. Switch over to ‘Body’…

…and select what entities you want to hit, e.g.

Select entity types and tags

"attachRules": {
  "tagRule" : {
    "meTypes" "HOST",
    "tags" "Group A"


Select specific entities

"attachRules": {
  "entityIds" : ["HOST-{16-digit-identifier}"]

7. Go!

In case you missed it, here is the Coffee Break again!