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You can’t do eCommerce without an APM solution

We live in a fast-paced demand centric world, with access to anything 24/7.  With this being the new norm, businesses are quickly looking to adapt and this can be seen specifically in the retail industry.  As many retailers are closing their store fronts, they are making the business decision to focus their money into their online business.  While store sales decline, the 2016 holiday season brought in nearly $92B in online sales, that’s an 11% increase over the last year.  Online sales are expected to continue to rise this year and retailers are investing in their digital strategy to stay afloat.  For this digital transformation, the key to success will be closely tied to customer experience.

Operating an eCommerce solution without a focus on performance would be a risk retailers cannot afford to make. A lightweight incident management solution will not be enough to meet the needs of today’s customer, who are tech and social media savvy.  With the power in the hands of the user, a disappointing experience can be detrimental not only to your brand but your bottom line as well.  For example, if your site is making $100K/day, a 1 second delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales/year.

To succeed, retailers need a solution that understands digital experience enhances customer experience.  SAP recognizes Dynatrace’s expertise in delivering digital performance and helping eCommerce companies achieve their goals.  That’s why Dynatrace is the first and only APM vendor to achieve SAP-certified integration with SAP Hybris Commerce.  Together, Dynatrace and SAP Hybris enable you to enhance digital experiences, accelerate innovation and modernize operations.

Dynatrace gives you the ability to see applications the way your customers do, providing a competitive edge in today’s market. With the challenges of the omni-channel customer experience, there is a need for a user-centric approach to monitor, analyze and optimize customer experience with an enhanced 360-degree view of every single user journey.

For more information, please visit www.dynatrace.com/technologies/sap-commerce-cloud-monitoring/