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Announcing immediate availability of Java 9 support

Oracle has finally released its long-anticipated Java 9 release, this includes the opensource OpenJDK. Because we at Dynatrace strive to remain at the forefront of technical innovation, we’ve been working on our Dynatrace Java 9 support for some time now. Because of this, we can proudly announce the immediate availability of Java 9 support in the latest version of Dynatrace OneAgent, v1.129!

Java 9 features

Java 9 ships with a number of novel features. The most prominent and most discussed of these is definitely Jigsaw, the new modular JDK. Other interesting features include JAOTC (Java Ahead-Of-Time Compilation) and the Java Compiler interface.

Oracle has also finally promoted its G1 garbage collector, which now serves as the default Java 9 garbage collector. This enhancement has enabled Dynatrace to now efficiently deal with large (really large!) heaps.

If you’re interested in reading more about the novel features of Java 9 and Dynatrace support for Java 9, be sure to follow our continuing blog series about Java 9. We also encourage you to watch this amazing talk that was presented recently at DevOne® 2017.

Note: Java 9 support requires OneAgent v1.129. If you’re a Dynatrace SaaS customer, this version of OneAgent is already available to you (otherwise, it will be available to you soon; speak to your Dynatrace administrator about upgrading to OneAgent v1.129).