Analyze the impact of backend services on your Android and iOS apps

One of the big advantages of Dynatrace is its full-stack approach to monitoring. Dynatrace monitoring enables you to analyze how backend problems affect the customer experience your customers. Dynatrace OneAgent for Android and iOS injects an HTTP header into each request that’s sent by your mobile app. OneAgent—which runs on the backend—picks up this header information and uses it to correlate each web request with a specific user action and corresponding performance metrics. With OneAgent for Android and iOS, you can now drill down into the backend service calls that are called by your mobile app.

To drill down into the backend service calls of your mobile app

  1. Select Applications from the navigation menu.
  2. Select the mobile app you want to analyze.
  3. Within the infographic on the app’s overview page, click the Called services tile.
  4. Click the View service flow button.
  5. Service flow enables you to analyze the impact of all called backend services on your mobile app (see example below). Service flow provides an aggregated view of all the business transactions that were triggered by your mobile app during the analysis time frame. Service flow also shows the overall impact that the chain of service calls has on the performance and error rate of your mobile app.
  6. Click the Add filter button to add filters that can serve to focus your analysis on relevant cohorts within your backend-service paths (for example, the slowest, fastest, or the ones that resulted in the most errors).
  7. While Service flow provides a quick, aggregated view of all your mobile backend service calls, to analyze code-level insights of each path, click the View PurePath button.
    PurePath captures and analyzes every single transaction, end-to-end, across each tier of your app’s technology stack (see example below). 

Enable Service flow and PurePath analysis for mobile apps

To access Service flow and PurePath analysis for OneAgent for Android and iOS, you must have Dynatrace OneAgent v1.121 or above installed.

New Dynatrace installations

Service flow and PurePath analysis for OneAgent for Android and iOS is enabled by default in all new installations of Dynatrace.

Existing Dynatrace environments

To use Service flow and PurePath analysis for OneAgent for Android and iOS within existing Dynatrace environments, please contact us so that we can enable this functionality for you.

Dominik is a Technical Product Manager at Dynatrace with a focus on real user monitoring. He’s responsible for developing the features and capabilities of our web and mobile monitoring offerings. Before joining the Product Management team, Dominik worked on the development of Dynatrace.

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