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Advanced filtering for mobile-app crash reports

Dynatrace mobile-app crash reports now provide detail related to the device types that lead to specific crashes due to their exotic hardware configurations, enabling you to better understand the causes and scope of crashes that your mobile customers experience.

Reviewing mobile-app crash stack traces is one of the most important activities that an app developer can undertake. High crash rates have an immediate negative impact on marketplace reviews and business outcomes. With the overall number of Android device types available in the Google Playstore now exceeding 12,000, it’s a near certainty that your app will crash at some point due to the overwhelming variety of device capabilities that are now available—including variations in screen resolution, CPU, memory, storage, and various sensor types. Because mobile app crashes are inevitable (despite your extensive testing efforts before publishing), Dynatrace is committed to providing you with the best possible crash analysis and support.

Mobile app crash reports

To access mobile crash reports:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Mobile applications.
  2. Select the mobile app you want to analyze.
  3. Click the Crashes portion of the infographic (lower-left tile).
    You’ll now find Occurrence statistics related to the crashes experienced by this app (see example report below).mobile device crash reports

Filter crash report results

High-traffic applications commonly experience large numbers of crashes distributed across many different device types, screen resolutions, and OS versions. To enable you to check if a specific device type is more likely to crash your app than other devices, Dynatrace now offers an advanced crash report filter, as shown below.

mobile device crash reports

By selecting various combinations of mobile-device attributes as filters (for example, platform, device type, screen resolution, and app version), the list of crash reports can be focused, giving you a clearer picture of the device types that lead to crashes.

mobile device crash reports