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Azure Native Dynatrace Service

Transform your enterprise in the cloud with the power of Dynatrace and Microsoft and the Azure Native Dynatrace Service — now available in the Azure marketplace.

Accelerate your journey with unified observability and security

Adopt and modernize faster with Azure Native Dynatrace Service.

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    Drive better business decisions

    Acquire deeper insights into your Azure data.

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    Streamline deployment

    Onboard quickly, automate integration, and get out-of-the-box support for Azure services.

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    Realize business value faster

    Ensure success on Azure with observability, security, and powerful AIOps.

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    Subscribe in the Azure Marketplace

    Retire Azure committed spend and consolidate billing.

Gain deeper business insights instantly

Get precise answers
Including recommendations and intelligent automation

Automate Azure metrics and log collection

While maintaining your data in Azure

Deepen developer insights

And accelerate time to resolution

Onboard quickly and easily in the Azure portal

Deploy the Dynatrace Platform in minutes
Ensuring Azure visibility at scale

Experience seamless onboarding

Thanks to Dynatrace’s deep technical integrations with Azure

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Get more from your Azure investment

Check out our free trial offer
View your purchase options in the Azure Marketplace

Maximize your Azure investment

With each dollar spent on Dynatrace retiring your Azure Consumption Commitment

Consolidate billing

Within the Azure portal

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Why modern, well-architected Azure clouds demand AI-powered observability

Elevate your cloud strategy and attain unparalleled success on Azure to achieve results that accelerate your cloud-native journey. Learn how to reduce complexity across your enterprise and gain valuable insights and intelligence across your hybrid cloud infrastructure, leading to greater adoption of Azure technologies in a faster, more secure way.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • Proven strategies to empower you to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and drive efficiency throughout your cloud modernization journey.
  • How to leverage AI-powered observability to automatically monitor and optimize the performance of your workloads catalyst to a well-architected Azure cloud
  • Embrace the full potential of your Azure environment to maximize your investment, accelerate your cloud migration and position your enterprise for success.

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Start with automated observability across Azure environments

You’ll be up and running in under 5 minutes:
Sign up, deploy our agent and get unmatched insights out-of-the-box.

Whats included

Explore the Azure Native Dynatrace Service

Start monitoring applications, clusters, and the health of your underlying Azure environments to achieve better business outcomes faster.

Implement an all-in-one-solution

Capture a holistic view across your Azure environment and extended ecosystem.

Automatically identify problems

Find root causes quickly with AI-powered analytics.

Eliminate manual effort

With Dynatrace OneAgent automating deployment, configuration, and updates.

Scale with ease

Automatically scale to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Simplify management

Verify resource metrics and logs sent to Dynatrace and instantly make changes.