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Overcome cloud complexity through instant, cost-efficient, AI-powered analytics for observability, security, and business data at any scale.

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Get precise answers from unified log data in context

Start analyzing logs, metrics, and events in the context of traces, topology, and user sessions - with no more schemas or storage tiers to manage.
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Boundless observability, security, and business analytics with context

Unify and contextually analyze your data with the only causal data lakehouse with massively parallel processing (MPP).

  • Answers

    Answers with speed, scale, and cost-efficiency

    Get up to a 100X speed advantage with MPP and by eliminating the re-indexing and rehydration slowing you down.

  • Context rich

    Context-rich observability and security analytics

    Get insights with unified analysis from observability, security, and business data in full context.

  • Unified

    The power of a unified intelligence platform

    Drive answers and automation at any scale together with OneAgent, Smartscape, PurePath, and Davis AI.

Observability Clinic

Developer observability - Automated diagnostics

Distributed Traces, Metrics, Logs, Memory Dumps, Thread Dumps, CPU Sampling, Snapshots and more... In this day and age, developers have access to an incredible amount of observability data to monitor and diagnose their applications. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to analyze all this data with the help of Dynatrace.
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Precise answers from unified data in context

Grail breaks down silos and unifies all observability, security, and business data.

As a causational data lakehouse, Grail retains complete context across all types of data so you can get precise answers - even for questions you haven't thought of yet.

Cost-efficient, indexless, schema-on-read storage

Grail supports massive volumes and types of logs and events without indexing, re-indexing, and schema management requirements.

Now, there’s no need to create custom scripts, tags, and indexes before you can ingest data.

Massively parallel processing for speed and scale

Grail handles ever-growing data volumes and provides up to a 100X speed advantage over existing solutions thanks to its data lakehouse architecture with massively parallel processing (MPP) engine.

So, you can analyze large volumes of data in modern cloud-native environments with lightning fast speed.

Answer questions on the fly with Dynatrace Query Language

The answers you need are just a query away, with the all-new Dynatrace Query Language (DQL) and distributed query execution.

DQL accelerates advanced, ad-hoc analytics and provides flexibility in parsing, transforming, and analyzing data with easy-to-learn syntax for instant answers.

Powering the Dynatrace software intelligence platform

Grail powers fast, scalable, and cost-efficient analytics as well as precise, AI-powered answers and automation.

So it's easier to overcome cloud complexity with unified observability, security, and business data - all in context.

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Log management and analytics with Dynatrace

IT organizations have access to massive volumes of data to troubleshoot, optimize, and secure their application environments, but can’t quickly and reliably get answers that drive action.

They lose time monitoring dashboards, adding context tags by hand, reacting to alert storms, or tediously restoring and correlating archived observability data.

Managing logs on the Dynatrace software intelligence cloud platform gives SRE/DevOps teams:

  • Auto-discovered context and enrichment
  • Instant analytics
  • Precise, real-time answers across the full stack
  • Cost-efficient cloud storage

Download our product brief to see how to get answers to any question, any time, at any scale, with no indexes, rehydration, or sampling.

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