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Simon Pilar
Simon Pilar IT運用部長, ERT

Automate and orchestrate
critical processes

Leverage our easy-to-use visual workflow creator or automation-as-code workflow capabilities to see:

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    higher employee satisfaction

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    fewer deployment failures

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    lower IT costs

Turn answers into action quickly
and at scale

Leverage observability and security data to drive Workflow Automations use cases.

Incident triage

  • Automatically create or update tickets and alert the appropriate teams to spare devs from alert storms and false positives.
  • Proactively identify and triage issues with Davis® AI.

Auto-remediation with a closed loop

  • Automatically pinpoint the root cause of incidents and execute remediation workflows through runbook integrations or natively through Dynatrace.
  • Verify issue resolution and update tickets seamlessly.

Quality gates

  • Stop bad quality code in its tracks with quality gates.
  • Ensure code meets your KPIs, SLOs, and security requirements before reaching production, effectively allowing safe, secure, and high-quality releases.

Infrastructure operations

  • Employ predictive analysis to optimize infrastructure sizing by evaluating golden signal performance –ensuring satisfied customers.
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Create custom workflows with AutomationEngine

Our answer-driven automation technology leverages causal and predictive AI to intelligently power BizDevSecOps workflows throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

Automation engine


  • DevOps業界とSRE業界のベストプラクティスの実装と導入の加速化

  • 信頼度の高いIT文化のトランスフォーメーション

  • 高度なDevOpsユースケースをわずか数週間で実現


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