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OneStream drives continued growth of market-leading financial planning software with Dynatrace

We evaluated a number of platforms and were intrigued with Dynatrace’s innovation and unified portfolio of capabilities that allow us to really paint a picture of what's going on in our environment.
Ryan Berry
Senior VP of Architecture, OneStream

About OneStream

  • A Gartner Leader in Financial Planning & Financial Close Software
  • 1,400+ customers across 40 countries
  • $450m annual revenue
  • 34% YoY growth


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Story Snapshot

Proactive resolution
Fewer escalations drive seven-figure dollar saving
Tool consolidation brings further cost reduction
Better collaboration
Single pane of glass drives targeted CX innovation
Security by design
Retained visibility and control of sensitive data

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Simplifying financial planning for the modern business

OneStream, a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Financial Planning and Financial Close & Consolidation Software, offers the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based platform to modernize the Office of the CFO. Its vision is to become the operating system for modern Finance, unifying core financial functions and empowering the CFO to become a critical driver of business strategy, innovation, and growth. OneStream’s Digital Finance Cloud delivers on this vision by unifying key financial and operational data and processes, embedding AI for faster and better planning and forecasting, and is infinitely extensible so customers can add new utility and achieve more value as their business needs evolve.​

As its customers grew more accustomed to hosting financial data in the cloud, OneStream migrated its platform to a more flexible, dynamic Kubernetes architecture on Microsoft Azure. The transition to Azure enabled OneStream to continue to grow at scale by running more efficiently and innovating faster. OneStream is using this growth to focus on meeting and exceeding its customers’ demands by quickly tracing and resolving the root cause if problems occur.

A unified platform for a complex architecture

OneStream wanted to simplify the complexity of its distributed cloud architecture by adopting a full stack observability solution that could eliminate manual triaging and log analytics. This approach would be more scalable in the cloud and reduce the time that support teams spend troubleshooting issues, helping to improve customer satisfaction. After evaluating the market, OneStream selected Dynatrace’s unified observability and security platform, having been impressed by its breadth and depth of capabilities, as well as its native support for Microsoft Azure and the ability to deploy it through the Marketplace. This eased procurement and enabled OneStream to maximize the impact of its investments in Azure.

“When a customer would phone in with an issue, we’d have to go through various security controls to obtain access to their environment to triage that problem. That’s a very lengthy and time-consuming process,” said Ryan Berry, Senior VP of Architecture, OneStream. “When support can't identify what the problem is, we’d have to bring in the big guns – consultants or engineers, which has a financial impact. We evaluated a number of platforms and were intrigued with Dynatrace’s innovation and unified portfolio of capabilities that allow us to really paint a picture of what's going on in our environment.”

When we saw what Dynatrace could do, our entire engineering organization realized that this thing is really powerful.
Ryan Berry
Senior VP of Architecture, OneStream

Life with Dynatrace

  • Proactive resolutions: With the insights from Dynatrace, OneStream’s engineering team can proactively improve the performance of its platform by optimizing Azure resource allocation and identifying any issues before new versions are shipped. Not only does this help to deliver better customer experiences, but it has also reduced the volume of incidents that the support and operations teams need to respond to. As a result, OneStream expects to see a seven-figure dollar saving over 12 months.
  • Improved cost-efficiency: Previously, OneStream relied on multiple customized solutions and a DIY approach for triaging problems in its platform and managing its Azure cloud environment. These solutions were built and operated in the cloud, which came with additional running costs amounting to several hundred thousand dollars per month. By switching to Dynatrace, OneStream can decommission its previous tools, driving further significant cost savings.
  • More collaborative efforts: Dynatrace offers a single pane of glass that OneStream’s business, engineering, and consultancy teams can use to understand the behavior of their software and identify the impact that the underlying Azure infrastructure has on customer experience. As a result, they can collaborate more effectively and work more efficiently in their efforts to create better customer experiences and drive greater value for the business.
  • Privacy and security by design: Due to the nature of the market that OneStream operates in, it was crucial that its new observability solution was compliant with stringent financial services regulations across global markets. Dynatrace’s privacy and security by design approach, giving customers the ability to isolate and protect sensitive data in line with regulatory requirements, gave OneStream peace of mind it was the best solution to meet its needs.

“Dynatrace allows us to do more and proactively respond to customer issues, which is a game changer,” continued Berry. “Our engineers have gotten immense value out of it immediately. We’re able to better engage with our customers and be more responsive to any critical issues that they may be experiencing. When we saw what Dynatrace could do, our entire engineering organization realized that this thing is really powerful.”

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