The Benefits of a Single Solution Monitoring for On-Prem and Azure Environments

Wednesday, December 14, at 1:00 PM ET

Join leading online bar exam prep service company BARBRI’s Director of IT, Mark Kaplan, and Infrastructure Architect Greg Birdwell discuss the unique business benefits of a Dynatrace/Azure combination. Topics covered include:

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Production Monitoring of Azure with Dynatrace

Thursday, December 15 at 10:00 AM ET

Our latest Performance Clinic webinar will start with an overview of how easy it is to integrate Dynatrace into Azure, then answers the most urgent question with regard to building out to the cloud: how do I know whether it was a good decision or not?

Finally, we’ll cover how our customers use Dynatrace for tracking deployment progress and we’ll uncover some secrets you might not have been aware of in Azure.

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Measuring end user digital experience on a browser

Wednesday, December 14 at 10:30 AM SGT / 1.30 PM AEDT

Join us on to discover how you can proactively monitor and measure your end user’s digital experience, and how given applications are behaving on a browser. You’ll learn:

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3 tips to deliver fast performance across mobile web (German)

Thursday, December 15 at 9:00 AM

NOTE: This live webinar will be presented in German. See below for link to on-demand version in English.

Learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. You’ll also hear about:

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Customer case study—Swarovski: Making performance crystal clear

Hear René Neubacher, Senior IT Consultant for Swarovski in Austria, share insights into the importance of IT innovation in today’s business environment and the evolution he’s seen firsthand during his 16 years with one of the world’s leading retailers.

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Our DevOps journey: Transforming 6-month waterfalls into 1-hour code deploys

Join Anita Engleder, DevOps Lead at Dynatrace, as she dissects how Dynatrace transitioned form an on-prem enterprise company to a cloud native—so that the engineering team now deploys a feature release every other week, makes 170 production deployment changes per day, and can push a code change into production within an hour if necessary. She shares insights into processes and tools but more importantly about the change that happened with the organization, the people, and the culture.

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Adobe’s eCommerce digital transformation journey

Hear Adobe’s Greg Thomsen share the steps his team has taken to transform their e-commerce platform and processes to be more resilient and responsive. Learn about the hurdles cleared, the lessons learned, and how Dynatrace monitoring solutions supports Adobe’s digital transformation, including:

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From 0 to DevOps in 80 days: Lessons learned moving from on-prem to cloud native

“Innovate or die” may sound extreme, but it’s the only way to thrive in today’s ever competitive market. Join us to hear Bernd Greifeneder, CTO of Dynatrace, share the lessons learned moving Dynatrace from an on-prem company to one that is cloud native. He will discuss:

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How to become a performance superhero

Does the success of your company depend on delivering exceptional digital experience to your customers?

Join Grant Engelbrecht, application performance expert at Dynatrace, to learn how you can be a performance superhero by ensuring high performance and stellar quality for your application software with gap-free, deep application monitoring through the entire software lifecycle.

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Top lessons learned while researching and writing the DevOps Handbook

After more than five years in the making, the DevOps Handbook is finally available! Be one of the first to get new insights and lessons learned from Gene Kim himself.

Gene Kim shares his top insights discovered while co-authoring the DevOps Handbook with Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis, including:

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The journey to cloud native

Rafi Katanasho, CTO for Asia Pacific at Dynatrace, shares key observations and patterns for achieving digital transformation success, including best practices followed by companies who have done this successfully. Learn how you can:

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What the smartest brands know about CX — and what they still aren’t doing about it

Join CX guru Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, as she:

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Optimize each digital moment for better digital experience

In this webinar, learn how you can:

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5 steps for identifying application development deficiencies and fixing problems FAST

Hear American Fidelity software architect Gary Carr share his experience in how seeing all the data for every transaction and applying metrics-based techniques practically eliminated their application defect remediation cycle.

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The need for speed — global retail benchmarks

Join Dave Anderson, VP Marketing at Dynatrace and 2015 LinkedIn Sales Summit “best presenter” award winner, to discover:

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Extend your Dynatrace visibility into all enterprise apps

Kris Ziemianowicz, performance monitoring expert at Dynatrace, shows you how to resolve performance issues in enterprise apps and cloud-based services with insights from network wire data — from Citrix, SAP, and Oracle EBS to Salesforce.com, Office 365, and more.

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3 tips to deliver fast performance across mobile web

Learn the basics of high-performance mobile development through the examination of real-world, performance-killing code examples. You’ll also hear about:

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How to troubleshoot & optimize database query performance for your application

Discover how Dynatrace extends traditional APM to bridge the Dev-DBA collaboration gap with a consistent view based on app-focused database access metrics, database instance system and performance metrics, and execution plans for your critical SQL queries.

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A tale of two pipelines: To DevOps or not to DevOps

Join Brett Hofer, Global DevOps Practice Lead at Dynatrace, as he shares real-world insights on key pipeline factors that plague traditional delivery pipelines and how to overcome them with practices that establish a true DevOps culture.

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How to win in the digital business era with better CX

Join Forrester analysts Nigel Fenwick and James McCormick as they discuss how to:

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Steps to take now for a flawless holiday season

Dynatrace knows how to help retailers deliver right here, right now. In this webinar, you’ll:

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Using NGINX in a Dynatrace reporting environment

NGINX has greatly improved application performance for more than 150 million sites in production today. Watch this webinar to learn:

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IBM Mobile Workload Pricing — What’s the impact on monthly license charges?

Learn how mobile pricing actually works and how mainframe sites can benefit from it through application performance monitoring.

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Sprinting for success: Digital Transformation through Agile and DevOps

Learn how Verizon leveraged monitoring, application, and end user metrics to overcome the challenge of complex IT and business infrastructure accumulated over decades to re-invent the way they develop, deploy, and run their software.

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Troubleshooting ASP.NET and IIS scalability hotspots

Running ASP.NET applications on IIS? Join us for this webcast that shows you how to identify performance and scalability hotspots under different load conditions. You’ll learn:

You’ll leave with actionable guidance on where to start optimizing your queues, pools, and code implementation.

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Driving Node.js innovation: Critical tools for your success

Dan Shaw, CTO of NodeSource, and Daniel Kahn, Performance Advocate from Dynatrace, discuss the challenges facing organizations standardizing on Node.js and share best practices that drive success. You’ll learn:

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6 ways DevOps helped Prep Sportswear move from monolith to microservices

Learn how Prep Sportswear transformed from a team operating a monolithic app using waterfall development methodology on an old, hard-to-maintain code base to a modern IT organization applying new practices from Agile development, DevOps, and a service-oriented architectural approach.

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Four practices for fixing your top .NET performance problems

Andi Grabner, Performance Advocate and longtime .NET expert at Dynatrace, walks you through fixes for your top .NET performance problems. More than just a “how to” for a couple of scenarios, Andi will show you:

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Best practices for continuous delivery in financial services

Hear how Nomura International, a leading global financial services group, found the benefits of implementing an application performance monitoring system that made an especially positive impact on continuous delivery assurance.

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Metrics-driven DevOps: Delivering high-quality software faster

Watch this 30-minute DevOps Performance Clinic featuring Andreas Grabner, Performance Advocate at Dynatrace, to learn the four technical metrics you should be tracking to identify software issues before they crash your system.

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Java-based microservices: Understanding the benefits and boundaries for your application structure

Microservices are great for scaling an application, but there are trade-offs with some of the common Java design patterns. This webinar will show you how to:

You’ll leave this one-hour session with a solid handle on how to start approaching microservices as an option for your applications.

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How to better manage technical debt while innovating on DevOps

Hear Prep Sportswear operations developer Richard Dominguez discuss:

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The Digital Experience Report: Best of the Web 2016

Dynatrace reveals the companies in retail, banking, insurance, brokerage, news media, air travel, and hotels who exceeded their peers in web performance, availability, and user experience last year.

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2015 happ-e holiday recap: Online shopping at the tipping point

Join Forrester Principal Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru and David Jones of Dynatrace to learn about key online shopping and e-tailer performance trends based on the 2015 holiday season, and prepare for the new digital customer.

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Customer case study — Sherwin-Williams: 5 steps to building a mature DevOps organization

Join us for this webinar with Sherwin-Williams to learn about the 5-point maturity model they used to transform themselves into a full-fledged DevOps company.

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Key performance questions for your Office 365 or Azure cloud-based journey

Join us as we discuss the right questions about performance to ask when migrating to SharePoint virtual servers, Office 365, or anywhere in the cloud.

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Performance visibility in the software-defined data center

This webinar is a must for those moving toward a more agile data center and business ecosystem. In one hour, you will learn:

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DevOps at Sofico: 89% faster apps

Discover how Sofico’s shifting to a DevOps culture enabled them to drive better software quality while reducing response times of their new GWT-based application by 89%.

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DevOps: From adoption to performance

Join us for this webinar where Gene Kim, co-author of the Phoenix Project and the upcoming DevOps Cookbook, shares:

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Infrastructure automation: How to use Chef for DevOps success

Join us for this webinar to learn how the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan uses Chef to automate its infrastructure provisioning and the deployment of tools needed to ensure application performance and availability.

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How to build a metrics-optimized software delivery pipeline

XebiaLabs and Dynatrace share a practical step-by-step approach to optimizing your delivery process so you can deploy better quality software faster.

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Customer case study — TUI Nordic: Ensuring great user experience for 80 million site visitors

Learn how TUI Nordic, part of the world’s largest travel group:

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How performance insights can influence your SEO results

Discover how BVA Auction handles its high volume of traffic (600,000 bids and 2 million page views per month, tens of thousands concurrent users and thousands of bids per hour) effectively from both a technical and a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective.

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7 practices to expand performance and effective collaboration in DevOps

Join Mark Tomlinson, performance engineering veteran and founder of the popular PerfBytes podcast, and Andreas Grabner, Dynatrace performance advocate, as they share 7 practices to help you expand performance and effective collaboration into your DevOps team.

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Performance management strategy for multi-channel retailers: The Walgreens journey

Join us to learn how Walgreens monitors digital responsiveness, reliability, and user behavior, including their approach to monitoring Angular.js apps and CDN performance; key performance issues that Walgreens focused on in adopting a responsive and adaptive web approach; and how re-platforming impacted customer adoption and engagement.

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Customer case study — Bond International Software: License to perform

Bond International Software presents how they reduced the time spent troubleshooting significantly and are now able to:

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How Stilnest improved their e-commerce performance to drive higher conversions

Join us to hear the founders of the German-based jewelry company, Stilnest, discuss:

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5 key metrics to release better software faster

Andreas Grabner and Brett Hofer, app performance evangelists, look at five key metrics that will increase your confidence in securing a safe build for production. You’ll learn how specific key metrics can be set up, understood collaboratively across teams, and help you produce better software, faster.

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How to use DevOps & APM to release better software faster

Hear how Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute is able to run 20 or more projects at once. You’ll learn:

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3 ways to increase eCom site performance & drive higher conversions

Learn how Dynatrace helped Purchasing Power overcome hurdles that caused slow performance and low conversions on their hybris e-commerce site. Discover:

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Driving SharePoint end-user adoption: Learn from the experts

Whether you are a SharePoint power user, admin, architect, or developer, learn how to overcome the hurdles preventing a positive end user experience and keeping users from adopting SharePoint in your organization.

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How ICT Shared Services is mastering SAP performance

ICT Shared Services present how they manage the performance of their SAP applications in an outsourced environment along other applications.

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Customer case study — Kuoni: The good, the bad, and the ugly of APM

Head of IT Delivery at Kuoni talks about how they:

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Breaking down functional barriers to improve customer experience

Hear Tim Gramer, Vice President of ADS QA & Application Performance Management at Comerica Bank, and learn how to:

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Mastering performance and collaboration through DevOps

Join Gene Kim, co-author of the Phoenix Project and DevOps researcher, as he discusses:

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5 ways to drive conversions with exceptional user experience

Hear Julie Ask, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, discuss:

Then find out how to turn these recommendations into reality.

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Solving 21st century app performance problems without 21 people

Find out how Westfield Insurance:

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Designing & measuring customer-centric mobile banking

This webinar with Forrester Reseach shows how the right metrics and technology can help you:

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Customer case study — Vodacom (Vodafone SA): Greatly improved user experience

Hear how Vodacom used Dynatrace to tune their provisioning API systems and drastically improve user experience by detecting and fixing performance bottlenecks quickly, gaining end-to-end user transaction visibility across all software tiers, and reducing running costs of a complex system architecture.

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How Joules.com optimized user experience and tamed performance issues

Find out how Dynatrace enabled Joules to increase revenue and customer satisfaction by:

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How Volkswagen drives customer delight with web performance

Learn how Volkswagen Group of America re-launched its flagship website without incident and was able to:

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Developing a performance-based culture

Learn how the Kronos development and operations teams are able to work from a common language to increase their collaboration, application visibility and overall efficiency.

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Agile development: How to release apps at the speed of business

McKesson Health Solutions’ Clear Coverage™ business model requires their IT team to respond to hundreds of releases every year. Join us as they share key tips such as:

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