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Trust Center - Privacy

You are in control of your data

Dynatrace’s privacy features follow the concepts of privacy by design and privacy by default. It enables you to maximize the value you get from Dynatrace within the framework of your compliance requirements.

What data does Dynatrace collect?

Dynatrace provides system observability and security, and as such is focused on systems, not persons. Dynatrace can provide full value to customers without any personal data being shared in Customer Data.

More information can be found in our Subscription Agreement.

Customer Data
You control the data ingested into Dynatrace, the data you share with customer support, and the data you share with our services teams.

Account Data
You control the data you share about your Dynatrace users and administrators, billing contacts, and emergency contacts.

Usage Data
Dynatrace controls the data about how your Dynatrace users and administrators use Dynatrace, and the diagnostic state of Dynatrace.

Privacy in data lifecycle in Dynatrace

Dynatrace has implemented, and continues to build, security and privacy controls that protect Customer Data across its whole lifecycle.

Each step of the Dynatrace data lifecycle features controls to protect your data. They provide you with transparency and the ability to control how your data is being used.

Phases of data lifecycle in Dynatrace:

Control which data stays in your environment and will be excluded from being ingested by Dynatrace.

Control which data will be anonymized and excluded from being stored after Dynatrace has analyzed it.

Control how long data will be stored in Dynatrace. Get transparency over access to and handling of stored data.

Control permissions to access and view the data. Get transparency over how and when the data has been accessed.

Ensure data is deleted according to the defined retention periods and support other data deletion use cases.

Regional privacy laws

Dynatrace offers features to empower our customers to configure the Dynatrace platform to meet the specific requirements of regional privacy laws. With our intuitive tools, organizations can align their Dynatrace deployment with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other pertinent laws.

This allows our customers to proactively and effectively manage data privacy concerns, ensuring compliance while maintaining optimal performance and insights across their digital environment.

Dynatrace regularly performs a thorough review of updates in privacy law and security law in a cross-jurisdictional panel of legal experts.

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