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Trust Center

You are in control of your data.

Dynatrace’s privacy features follow the concepts of privacy by design and privacy by default. It enables you to maximize the value you get from Dynatrace while complying with your legal requirements.

Data masking

Data masking at capture
Selected data is masked immediately after it’s captured before it leaves your environment.

Data masking at storage
Data is processed by Dynatrace to allow for better analysis, but the selected original data is masked prior to storage.

Data masking at display
Data is stored in its original form but only presented to users with special permission.

Data retention
and access

Data retention
Data is stored in line with default retention periods and customer configuration.

Data subject requests
Dynatrace facilitates data subject requests handling.

Control access to your data

  • User access management
  • Dynatrace support access approval
  • Audit logging


Automated privacy feature testing
Dynatrace performs automated testing of all new and existing privacy features with each release.