Dynatrace Empowers Perform 2015 Attendees to Build Their Digital Futures

More Than 1,000 Participants From More Than 45 Countries and 6 Continents Prepare to Lead Their Companies’ Digital Transformation

Boston, MA — October 29, 2015 — Digital Performance software company Dynatrace ushered in a transformative new era at PERFORM 2015. The largest digital performance event of the year convened experts from all corners of the world to share their commitment to digital performance management.

This year’s annual PERFORM global user conference ran from October 13-16 in Orlando and was the largest, most successful PERFORM event yet. The conference grew significantly year over year, demonstrating the growing criticality of managing digital services, and the leadership role of Dynatrace in this space.

“Every year the momentum grows – and the level of enthusiasm this year was nothing short of amazing. Digital transformation is a reality and digital performance management (DPM) is a key to success,” said Dynatrace CEO, John Van Siclen. “In an age where your apps are your brand, our attendees are embracing the role of leaders and visionaries. They recognize that performance professionals have the power to deliver the superior customer experiences that actually drive business success. PERFORM 2015 was an important milestone for us and our customers—confirming that our own transformation from APM to DPM has changed the game in the performance industry.”

Highlights from PERFORM 2015 include: