Dynatrace and Pivotal Team up to support the Enterprise Journey to Cloud

Collaboration enables seamless digital performance monitoring in continuous delivery environments

Boston, MA — August 1, 2016 — Digital Performance Management software company Dynatrace today announced a collaboration with Pivotal®, the company accelerating enterprise digital transformation. Together, Dynatrace and Pivotal will deliver monitoring integration to enterprises that provide full-stack visibility, automatic support for continuous delivery pipelines, and real-time auto-discovery of dynamic environments. Pivotal Cloud Foundry customers have greater automation, control and confidence as they build, deploy and manage cloud-native applications on the platform.

Digital transformation is on every large enterprise roadmap today. In the very near future, the vast majority of all new multi-cloud processes will be implemented as distributed composite applications rather than connected monolithic applications. While enterprises see the benefits of moving to an agile, cloud-centric mindset, building and operating cloud-native applications is a new paradigm for most application teams.

“The deep integration between Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Dynatrace provides consistent, end-to-end support for building and delivering high-quality cloud-native applications,” said Joshua McKenty, senior director, Global Ecosystem Engineering at Pivotal. “Dynatrace’s unique and innovative approach to root cause analysis of problems in cloud-native applications complements the value of PCF perfectly.”

The Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform enables reliable, automated app deployments, significantly cutting the time and cost of management and operations. To manage web-scale, cloud-native applications consistently, performance management must be automated across the pipeline as well. Automated performance verification throughout development ensures that problems are detected before being pushed live. Once in production, DevOps teams get real-time, pinpoint visibility into production problems prioritized by user impact. Fact-based feedback loops between operations and development facilitate efficient team collaboration.

“With the latest release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we are now able to provide zero configuration monitoring,” said Alois Reitbauer, chief technical strategist at Dynatrace. “Microservices development teams can focus on delivering the next killer release without wasting time on monitoring deployment technicalities.”

For additional insight into the journey to becoming cloud-centric, be sure to attend the speaking session of Dynatrace’s Alois Reitbauer at SpringOne Platform on August 2. For more information, please visit: https://2016.event.springoneplatform.io/presenters/alois_reitbauer.html

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