Dynatrace supports move to autonomous cloud operations for SAP CX



About SAP CX

SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX) is the market leader in providing front-office cloud services for ecommerce, sales and marketing to thousands of customers globally with 413,000 organizations operating using SAP.

With the company growing at an exponential rate, SAP CX decided it needed to move to a more scalable architecture that would enable it to deliver new features and functionality to users faster than ever before. As a result, SAP CX developed a new cloud offering, based on Kubernetes and containerized services operating in a public cloud.




Before Dynatrace, SAP CX had been using a traditional APM solution which couldn’t scale and had limited visibility. This approach also meant different teams used different tools and were all working from different pools of data which created a disjointed view of its growing, complex cloud environment.

With rapid growth on the horizon, SAP CX knew it needed a more sophisticated cloud monitoring solution that would meet its web-scale, enterprise cloud requirements. It needed a solution that was autonomous and underpinned by a proper AI engine.



Why Dynatrace

  • One of the key reasons why SAP CX adopted Dynatrace was because it wanted to achieve full stack monitoring across on-premise and cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms.
  • Davis, Dynatrace’s AI engine, has allowed SAP CX to shift gears to embrace autonomous cloud operations – they now spend less time focused on problem remediation and more time on innovation, and developing features that enhance the customer experience.
  • Since using Dynatrace, SAP CX has seen a 50% reduction in MTTR which has freed up resources immensely.
  • Automated deployment of Dynatrace has allowed SAP CX to reduce the time it takes to onboard customers by up to 50 percent.

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