American Fidelity eliminates performance blind spots in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment

American Fidelity

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About American Fidelity

American Fidelity provides supplemental insurance products and enrollment benefits, to help people protect their finances and save for expenses and retirement. The company specializes in education, public sector, automotive and healthcare industries services, with 1.5 million policy holders across 49 states of America with a total of 2.5 million policies in place to date.




Before Dynatrace, American Fidelity struggled to understand the performance of its key customer facing enrollment systems, which operate across a hybrid, multi-cloud environment built on a mix of on-premise systems, Azure and AWS environments. This limited its visibility into how customer facing services were performing and created blind spots that left teams having to manually search for the root cause of problems.



Why Dynatrace

  • With Dynatrace, American Fidelity was able to consolidate multiple monitoring tools to obtain a single view, providing better visibility into its environment and eliminating performance blind spots.
  • Built for the cloud, Dynatrace enables American Fidelity to make sense of its complex hybrid, multi-cloud environment, providing complete visibility across the full stack.
  • Dynatrace’s AI capabilities provide American Fidelity with a comprehensive picture of customer experience; capable of pinpointing root cause amongst the 300,000 dependencies in its environment instantly, so the IT team can rapidly remediate problems and improve customer experience.
  • Dynatrace’s Alexa integration allows American Fidelity’s team to quickly and easily engage with Davis through voice, to get fast answers to questions like ‘what happened overnight’ and ‘what’s user experience like right now’.
  • With Dynatrace ONE, American Fidelity has access to real-time assistance through in-platform chat, allowing the team to collaborate and engage with Dynatrace experts to further optimize processes and improve performance.

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