Python Research Engineer

Development / Gdansk, Poland

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Have your ever dreamt of building something significant? Something that helps thousands of people around the globe? We can give you such chance.

Little about us
You can join our team to research and develop plugins that will be released as part of the Dynatrace's product. You will work like the CTO in a one-man army startup. We already monitor dozens of technologies and we have dreams to monitor more.

Here you'll make an impact on:

  • Picking the technology you fancy the most and that makes the most sense to monitor, making research of it.
  • Writing the plugin, testing, documenting and releasing it and getting the fame. Sound like fun?

What we will give you:

  • A chance to work on a project from scratch to release phase.
  • An opportunity to work with experienced UX and Product Manager

It's great, if you have:

  • Good programming skills in Python and some experience with Java or C++
  • Structured approach, analytical thinking, and accuracy
  • Visionary soul, ability to design, build, and release a Python plugin
  • High willingness to learn new technologies
  • Very good collaboration and social skills (in English: written and oral)

How your recruitment process will look like?

  • Step 1: Please send us your application.
  • Step 2: We will closely into your application and decide whether we proceed to the stage.
  • Step 3: Here we have prepared an interesting homework/challenge for you and we're inviting you to take part in it (around processing data from SpaceX).
  • Step 4: After positive results of your home-work task we will invite you to personal meeting with us. During this meeting you will have an opportunity meet your potential Development Lead and team members. They will talk with you about your professional experience, technical and English skills. We would like to also know whether you will be good match to our team.
  • Step 5: If everything works out, we will have a pleasure to present you a job offer. 


  • Junior Python Research Engineer: 6,5k - 11k PLN gross per month

  • Mid Python Research Engineer: 8,5k - 15k PLN gross per month

  • Senior Python Research Engineer: 12k - 22k PLN gross per month

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