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Why Dynatrace?

Because we’re changing the rules of performance. In fact, we’re changing the whole game. So, we’re looking for game-changing people. Big thinkers who constantly push to the next level. Joining Dynatrace means being part of the team dominating the performance industry. Redefining an industry is hard work and it takes focused, dedicated team players. Come get in the game.

Why Dynatrace

The office (and non-office) life

Wherever we are, we work hard—but we also play ping-pong, workout, walk the dog and throw in a load of laundry—all during the work day. The point is getting the right results, for your job and life. So you can start every day with a creative, open & productive mind.

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It all starts here

We’ve created open, dynamic environments in all of our offices, but Boston is Dynatrace home turf. We invented ‘dynamic’—you never know what to expect here. Pie eating contests, executives cooking everyone breakfast, a little ping pong – all while (not so quietly) taking over the digital performance world.

Inspired by revolutionary history…and sports

You’re a short 20 minute ride from one of the country’s great cities. With Harvard Yard, the Freedom Trail, the Symphony and too many museums to name, Boston is the economic and cultural hub of New England. Not to mention the home of the Red Sox, Bruins and Patriots…nuff said.


We’re in the hub of a great city

With an on-site wellness facility, child development center and dry cleaner, our Detroit office doesn’t skimp on the conveniences. And right outside is the most ‘happening’ place in the city. Dozens of world-class restaurants and nightclubs, live (free) music and food trucks in the summer, ice skating and hot chocolate in the winter…and jazz ALL the time. Oh, and UNESCO just named Detroit the first US “City of Design.”

And we live the motor city culture

We bring the life and vitality of the motor city into the office. Always moving, growing, adapting and innovating, the energy here is amazing. In true Dynatrace fashion, the Detroit team plays hard and works harder. After we’ve brought peace to war rooms around the world, we discuss the battle with co-workers in the kitchen over a drink.

San Francisco

Right in the thick of it

Between San Francisco and Silicon Valley you’ll find our San Mateo lab. You’d think the killer bay views would be a major distraction but they actually inspire the California team’s creativity. The open floor plan and open-minded atmosphere foster collaboration while the nearby titans of tech fuel a fierce competitive spirit. And the regular visits from California-cool food trucks keep us well fed.

But never foggy

You’ll see super heroes like Wonder Woman, Aqua Man and Spiderman all over our office—seriously intense. But we’re just as serious about our health and happiness. If the group TRX classes and Happy Hour Fridays aren’t enough, the “Fun Team”—our super heroes of work/life balance—organizes bowling nights, costume contests, charity volunteer activities and more, keeping the “groovy-meter” high.


Shhh…You can hear the heart beating

The technical heart of Dynatrace, the Linz office houses our center of excellence and tech leadership for our flagship products. We’re not sure what the average IQ is here but it’s got to be off the charts. Creativity is not in short supply either. Just look at the conference rooms…

AND pounding!

And still, we find time to work with nonprofits, sail on the Danube (did we mention Linz is on the legendary Danube?) and build spirit. In fact, team spirit is an understatement here. The Linz crew run marathons together, take ski trips, play hockey…team activities is just as important as the work we do every day.


Driven by passion and dedication

If Linz is the technical heart of Dynatrace, then Gdansk is its nerve center. Here you’ll find tech geniuses for almost all of our products. Consequently, this office is driven by the idea that what we can do together is light years better than what we can do separately. Workdays here are never boring.

In a laid-back sort of way

The Gdansk team is collaborative—openly debating what makes a good cup of coffee (seriously). But we too like to unwind from time to time. The office offers a sports and recreation facility with swimming pool, gym, rock climbing zone, fitness classes and restaurants with four world cuisines. You have to keep those creative juices flowing, right?

Working with a leader

Claiming leadership is one thing, consistently proving it is another. Not only are we the only performance management company to be consistently recognized by the world’s leading analyst firms as a market leader, we’re blazing new trails and opening new markets with digital performance management. We’re creating solutions that are transforming our customers’ industries. If you want to stir things up, you’ll be in the right place.

Training to be the best

Are you ready to become one of our next technology leaders? Our Professional Development Program takes technical yet business-minded graduates and transforms them into personal superheroes for our customers (aka Guardian Consultants). You’ll go through intense and rewarding training, learning the “ins and outs” of our industry-leading APM suite. And you’ll work with the top APM geniuses on the planet - including our C-level executives.