Full stack application performance monitoring

Monitor and optimize application performance powered by artificial intelligence

Monitor end-to-end application performance!

Dynatrace provides application performance monitoring for your entire technology stack in a unified digital performance management solution:

Dynatrace dashboard views show web application performance metrics in customizable tiles.

Full stack monitoring for the broadest range of technologies in the industry

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Monitor your website performance!

Dynatrace digital experience monitoring seamlessly integrates real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring.

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Dynatrace provides detailed insight into your users' browsing experience worldwide

Analyze application performance down to the code level

Method-level monitoring helps you improve the performance of your applications by locating problematic methods in your execution call stack.

Dynatrace deep-dive monitoring shows you:

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Dynatrace analyzes response times down to the code level.

Get detailed database insights

Dynatrace tracks and inspects all SQL statements and NoSQL queries sent by your application. JDBC-backed databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB , as well as NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB are auto-detected and analyzed.

Dynatrace shows you:

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See which services access your database

Leverage Dynatrace VMware, AWS, and Docker monitoring

Monitor your virtualized environments in private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Dynatrace understands how your applications are deployed across cloud instances.

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Dynatrace shows all relevant metrics of your dynamic infrastructure in real time


“If something isn’t the way it is supposed to be, our DevOps Engineers have the full picture within one tool. We get to the root cause much quicker and only involve team members that are actually needed for fixing.”

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Big data analytics powered by artificial intelligence

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Dynatrace Smartscape view visualizes web application architectures. Applications, services, processes, hosts, and datacenters are represented in a map view that shows their logical dependencies.

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