Trevor Ealy

Trevor is Director of Enterprise Services at Dynatrace. For the past six years, he has been part of a team that has defined and developed successful application performance monitoring (APM) programs with Dynatrace customers from a wide range of industries. With a focus on customer success, continuous improvement, and process efficiency, Trevor’s goal is to uncover practical realities within transformation initiatives and promote best practices for measurably positive business outcomes. When the Michigan snow thaws, Trevor enjoys wakeboarding and boating with his family.

Trevor Ealy's articles

Just Do It: A snapshot of APM & Unified Enterprise Monitoring

As Bob learned in the first posting in this three-part series previous blog, technology alone can’t deliver a healthy lifestyle. Likewise, having a successful APM program isn’t just about seeing what’s happening on a computer screen; it’s about doing something about it. You have to align your strategy, culture, people and processes with your digital business goals to reach the summit — and that’s not easy. So, what does that kind… read more

Great Expectations: Digital Transformation and the Path to Unified Enterprise Monitoring

Digital transformation is happening everywhere. It starts with an expectation that whatever an organization does in the real world is supported by—and expands through—its digital presence. As the process continues, digital transformation should drive innovative ways to engage customers, get the most from resources and differentiate its way into completely new markets. All these great expectations come from both within and outside an organization, and can add up to a big… read more