Mobile Monitoring

Mobile APM data flow

User experience analysis and transactions from mobile swipes all the way to the back-end IT

Get comprehensive user experience analysis and transaction monitoring for all your digital touch points. Easily drill down from overviews to root cause for your mobile apps and web sites up to back-end infrastructures. Escape blind spots of third party frameworks and cloud services.

Be ready for the latest devices and OSes

Dynatrace gets you covered for existing and upcoming devices. We test latest devices, mobile OS releases and betas as iOS 8 with SWIFT support.

Take the fast lane: app wrapping

Dynatrace can automatically inject low footprint monitoring agents in your mobile web sites and apps. Combined with server-side agents in your cloud services and back-ends, you get to end-to-end actionable insights in minutes!

Lead with full control: SDK-based agents

As mobile app masters, simply download Dynatrace Agent Development Kit (ADK) and fully control what is traced, when and how.

Mobile user action legend

Go beyond crash analytics

Don’t stop with the mobile OS crash reports, replay the full production sequence that lead to application instability or crash.

Mobile data world report

Catch issues before your users do

Dynatrace monitors services availability, response time and outages with tens of thousands of devices and locations around the globe. Be warned of CDNs, your or third party services issues before your users even notice. Replicate virtually any user profile and rank yourself with market leaders.