Data Center Real User Monitoring

Ensure great user experiences for all your packaged applications

The black box mystery. Solved.

Mysteries belong in detective novels, not in your data center. You need to see what’s going on inside ‘black box’ enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Exchange and Citrix. Data Center Real User Monitoring (RUM) applies powerful, real-time analytics to deliver unparalleled insight into performance, availability and employee activities. Now you can accurately detect and resolve problems you were previously blind to. No more mysteries.

Data Center Real User Monitoring Dashboard

Data Center Real User Monitoring Value Statement

Leave no app -or user- behind

From its central perspective, Data Center RUM sees every user interaction with your enterprise applications to directly assess network performance in context. SAP, Oracle, Exchange, Citrix, web and more, don’t let your enterprise apps hide in the shadows.

Data Center Real User Monitoring Value Statement

Fine tune your triage based on impact

See every user and their transactions to instantly assess business impact. Associate issues with specific applications, user communities, locations, and geos to communicate proactively with the right users. Prioritize your responses based on business impact to keep your triage team humming.

Data Center Real User Monitoring Value Statement

(Problem) Isolation is a good thing

Is it the network, data center or the app? We automatically detect anomalies with cutting edge analytics, pinpointing issues in application tiers or integrated services. We also capture the diagnostic details you need to fix them in record time. Isolate to eliminate―it’s all good

Dole Fresh Fruit Company was able to cut our operational costs through an improved approach to application performance management using Dynatrace’s Data Center RUM.
With Dynatrace, we have shortened the time to identify and solve performance problems by 60%.

For SAP users

Data Center RUM delivers deep visibility into SAP user transactions, decoding the SAP GUI protocol (DIAG) and encrypted traffic (SNC), and detecting SAP processes and individual user names to find and solve problems fast – really fast. Data Center RUM is certified with SAP NetWeaver®, and successfully tested by the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL).

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Data Center RUM SAP

Data Center RUM Oracle

For Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database users

Manage employee user experience for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle database with automated user identification, detailed insight into Forms operations, and business-oriented reporting. Monitor Oracle Database traffic, with performance and error measurements at the level of each SQL call.

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For Citrix XenApp virtualized application environments

Data Center RUM provides end-to-end visibility into user experience for your enterprise applications delivered via Citrix XenApp servers. Obtain immediate, unique insight into virtualized application performance, and the impact of individual Citrix iCA channels on user experience.

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Data Center RUM Citrix

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