Dynatrace Pivotal Platform free trial

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Get started now with Dynatrace!

  • Full stack availability and performance monitoring
  • Smart analysis and alerting powered by artificial intelligence
  • Deployable as SaaS, or keep your data on-premises
  • Easy monitoring with no configuration
  • Real-time support via in-product-chat
  • Full scalability—scales with your needs

The customizable dashboard shows all important facts of your web application in one spot

Follow the instructions below to sign up and deploy the Dynatrace full stack add-on for Pivotal Platform

Step 1 - Sign up for the free trial

  • Enter your email address in the box above.
  • Create your account. Enter the promo code PCFEXCLUSIVE to access the extended trial
  • Select your region
  • Click Deploy Dynatrace and Start Installation
  • Select "Set up PaaS monitoring"
  • Generate a PaaS token
  • Copy and Save your newly generated token and your Environment ID
Create your account.
Select "Set up PaaS monitoring".
Generate a PaaS token.

Step 2 – Configure and Install the Dynatrace Full Stack Add-on for Pivotal Platform

Follow the directions on this page to:

  • Create the Dynatrace Manifest
  • Download and Install the Dynatrace Full Stack add-on for Pivotal Platform (Pivotal Network account required)

Configure and Install the Dynatrace Full Stack Add-on for Pivotal Platform

Step 3 – Start monitoring your Pivotal Platform environment

  • Simply log in to Dynatrace using the link in the top right of our website
  • Enjoy the benefits of getting deep insights into the full stack of your Pivotal Platform environment