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Can you also analyze non-web applications such as batch jobs, rich client applications or services?

YES – Dynatrace can analyze any type of application implemented by any of the supported agent technologies.

How long does it typically take from installation to capturing data on a regular application?

About 15 Minutes. Check out our Video Tutorials that show how to get data in 15 minutes for Java, .NET, PHP and Web Applications.

Does Dynatrace support monitoring of Mobile Web and Mobile Native applications (Android, iOS)?

YES – Dynatrace automatically monitors your Mobile Web. For Mobile Native apps we provide auto-instrumentation for iOS and Android.

Can Dynatrace alert me on problems by sending eMails, text messages or sending SNMP Traps?

YES – Dynatrace has a built-in alerting feature that detects anomalies in your system and notifies you by triggering actions such as sending an email.

What type of integration options does Dynatrace provide to existing tools such as Build Servers, Monitoring Solutions, Incident Management?

Dynatrace provides REST interfaces to pull or push data to and from Dynatrace. We provide a large list of Plugins for tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Pager Duty, ServiceNow, etc.

Will Dynatrace show me database activity from my application and services?

YES – Dynatrace automatically detects database activity from within your application. No need to install anything else on your database server.

Do I need to modify code to get Dynatrace to monitor my application?

NO – Dynatrace leverages interfaces in Java, .NET, PHP and your Web Servers that allow us to automatically capture method level details without modifying your source code.

How much overhead does Dynatrace add on my application?

Based on what our customers are telling us: 1-2% in production and a bit more in pre-production due to more data getting collected.

Do you provide a SaaS offering as well?

YES – Dynatrace is also available as a hosted service. The only thing you need to install are Agents in your application. We also recommend that you install a Collector in your data center for data compression and security.

On which platforms can I install Dynatrace?

Dynatrace OneAgents and Collectors are available on Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, zOS, z/Linux, HP-UX. Dynatrace Server runs on Windows and Linux Systems that support Java 1.7+.

Can I build dashboards and create automated reports that I can send out to different people?

YES – Dynatrace has a very powerful dashboard engine. You can view dashboards in HTML5 (optimized for Tablets), in our Client or export it as PDF, Excel, and other formats.

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