Oracle application monitoring


Manage your entire Oracle business suite applications portfolio for performance, availability and usage. Specialized analysis modules expose end-user experience and remove blind spots for your databases, middleware, applications, VDI and network protocols.

Oracle DCRUM

Automatic user identification

Oracle DCRUM Report

Unprecedented insight into forms operations

Get exact information on which user action, on which form, experienced delays or errors and why – whether Oracle server or supporting infrastructure is at fault.

Oracle DCRUM Operations

Easy database monitoring

Monitor traffic, performance and error measurements taken separately per each SQL call – starting from the end users, through application servers, down to the database to diagonse the reason of performance problems that end users experience: is it the application server, the database server, or the network delivering the application to end users.

Oracle DCRUM Database

Business-oriented reporting

Organize performance data in a way that reflects EBS application’s business model and usage patterns.

Oracle DCRUM Business

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